Dad hilariously re-creates his kid's drawings with Photoshop

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Al Jaffee did this in MAD Magazine in the 60’s


Came here to mention this. I still have that issue someplace.
Should scan them. -scratch that, found someone who Already Did That.
They actually made TOYS based on kid’s drawings and they were pretty good.


I immediately thought of that article as well.

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This seems like something an AI would be good at. Sorta sad that is where we are now.

The page linked in the comments is pretty good too:


My kids were just introduced to Mad Magazine through one of their “Christmas Special” reissues, it included that bit with the kids’ toys.


I can’t thank you enough for that link. I still have the paper copy, but this is so good for sharing online.

IKEA does a competition for kids to send in their drawings, the winning drawings get turned into stuffed animals. Here’s one of this year’s winners:


Nope, I’m out

This is what things actually look like. As we grow from child to older child to adult we develop filters and are indoctrinated to perceive things the way we are supposed to.

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There’s a company that will do the same.

Not cheap!

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