Grumpy Cat joins the Broadway cast of Cats


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I thought Tardar Sauce was dead. Come to find out she’s only 4.


What’s a Jellicle cat?


I thought I couldn’t before, but not I really can’t.


(looks at watch)

I thought Grumpy Cat’s 15 minutes was up a while ago…?


I dunno, seems to me like these famous internet cats are still bringing in enough business to keep chugging along. Lil Bub (another cat) recently released a movie, i don’t know… not my kind of thing but apparently it did pretty well. I’m in the wrong business…


True, but then again, someone also decided that an Angry Birds movie was a good idea…


Hold onto your britches because a Fruit Ninja movie is supposedly in the works.


A stupid meme visits and even stupider musical. Why?




Why not? I found it amusing and I could use more whimsy right now cause there is too much depressing stuff around.


I think that was TS Eliot’s term for a feral or stray cat.


These days on the internet cats are the only profitable market left!


Then Fruit Viking, the Musical!


Grumpy Cat is my Totem Animal. My Patronus. Grumpy Cat is Grumpy; Grumpy cat is Life.


I know. :slight_smile:


So happy Grumpy Human could join us today.



I’m not getting the post of whatever Grumpy Cat is doing (no video). Anyone have an alternate link?


“I bet that will suck.” - Grumpy Cat