Grumpy Cat makes more money than Gwyneth Paltrow

So long as he washed his hands.

So, is anyone representing Shock Cat?

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Interestingly, there’s also less crap in Grumpy Cat’s litter tray than there is on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website…


Famous internet cat agent sounds like a great job, no?

Your client takes you for granted, never does what you tell them, walks around in public without any clothes, has a history of domestic violence, poops right in front of you… Sounds a lot like being a regular Hollywood agent.


I suspect that if you look at all the money being made by everyone off of grumpy cat, it’s that much, but that doesn’t mean Grumpy Cat’s owner is getting that. It’s like looking at the gross receipts for all of Paltrow’s movies - the film studio isn’t making that much, much less is Paltrow getting that.


I made a poster about the grumpy cat:

If there were a market for Slow-Dumb-Fallover Cat, I’d be doing alright.

See, do you have to pay the cat money to use their likeness? Is this how money is made off Web 2.0?

Still don’t get it.

Grumpy Cat makes more money than Gwyneth Paltrow

And still seems unimpressed.


Is there like a ton of licensed merchandise? Every time I go to the service station I forgo the opportunity to pick up a car load of licensed Angry Birds plushies, perhaps licensed Grumpy Cat plushies are harder to resist.

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Well fuck me. There is such a thing.
“Grumpy Cat has several different plush toys available from Ganz, Gund and Ripple Junction.”

Gund. Goddamned Gund. A quality manufacturer who has been in business for 120 years makes a goddamned grumpy cat stuffed animal.

I think the world has lost it’s mind. Stay off my lawn.


Just imagine this from Gwyneth Paltrow’s perspective. Ouch.

That thought is kinda a kitty unicorn chaser for the two-faced RIP post below this.

That is exactly the case.

The owners of this cat are disturbingly exploitative, putting her in stressful situations (talk shows, movie sets, etc.) for publicity. Compare and contrast to Maru, for instance, who is simply filmed at home doing what he does (mostly crawling into containers that are too small for him.)

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I bet they sell by the truck load.

Ben Lashes is “a Los Angeles-based meme manager.” He also represents Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat.

No, really:

THR: The 7-Figure Scowl: How Grumpy Cat Is Building a Media Empire

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Next you’re going to tell me porn is a trillion-dollar industry, or that piracy costs movie studios billions of dollars per year.

And I suspect she’s going to have an interesting conversation with the IRS soon.

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It’s worse than I thought. Into the bomb shelter, everyone!

Finally, what the world needs more of, plush toys you can give you kids that will soon be as outdated as their childhood when they grow up. Wouldn’t want those kids to have any timeless keepsakes when they grow older…

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Not even node.js can save you now.