Net Neutrality victory lap: Grumpy Cat banner flown over Comcast HQ




(here’s your six)

Holy hell, for a moment I thought a major corporation had engaged in gentle self-mockery. Don’t scare me like that!


Hey guys, let’s taunt the angry bear


I could think of many many better ways to spend $7000

Especially for a war that has only just begun.

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Go ahead you filthy marxist pink-o islamic fascists, you laugh now, but don’t laugh when this leads you to be hauled away to the FEMA camps and pumped full of mercury laden measles vaccinations! It’s just one step in the grand plan to hasten the arrival of the NWO. /s

(I’m actually kind of excited to see what Jack Van Impe is going to say about this topic this week.)


Comcast board meeting: “well just shut down all grumpy cats on the internet!.. damn, i keep forgetting we cant do that”

I would have gone with Nyan cat. I still approve, though.

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I’d have gone with donating $7000 to a cat welfare charity in Comcast’s name…

Repeatedly, and for cash money!

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