Net Neutrality weirdos


So the FCC passed that Net Neutrality thing today. And people are just going off the handle about this, calling it ObamaNet and that it’s the end of all creativity on the web and that people are going to have to meet certain standards before they can put something on the web.

Where does this kind of insanity come from, I mean, these people aren’t coming up with it themselves, are they? Is there some tinfoil hat organization like Alex Jones who’d been against net neutrality that I missed?



Yeah, but where did that commercial actually run? I just can’t figure out other than Comcast and AT&T where these people would gather and run with their idea that NN was some terrible thing to regulate what comes through the internet.


“If Obama support it, it MUST be some socialist evil. Down with big gummint!

Government regulation always takes away freedom. Like the freedom of a privately owned transit company to enforce race-based seating arrangement on their buses. Or the freedom of a local water company to save money by allowing the occasional Cryptosporidium outbreak in the municipal water supply. Or the freedom of a pharmaceutical company to peddle untested drugs that cause newborns to be born with flippers instead of limbs.


YouTube is where I found it. “Obamacare for the Internet” is what I sometimes hear it called. What are dishonest people going to do when we don’t have Obama for president anymore?


Complain about President Warren?


Probably go back to complaining about Al Sharpton.


the republicans on my facebook feed have been posting nonsense videos about the “federalization” of the internet for weeks. you have to either laugh or cry.


As a far left-type, I’m not a fan of Obama. But the criticism that comes at him from the right is so manifestly unfair that I just feel hopelessly outgunned.


Otherwise-rational friends are telling me that Net Neutrality is actually “the opposite of everything we believe”. Their belief is that NN is actually specifically designed to help big data companies control the Internet by introducing a tiered system of pricing and speeds, and that it’s been created to aid them in increasing data pricing for high speeds so that it’s unaffordable by anybody but the super-rich (who are probably Illuminati or something).

I tried to explain that that’s sort of … backwards… but you can’t argue with brick walls.


“This is no more a plan to regulate the Internet than the First Amendment is a plan to regulate free speech."

– Chairman Wheeler.


Oh fuck, they’re regulatin’ free speech now?! Thanks Obama.


If he was trying to assuage the nay side’s worries, he should have picked a different analogy. In fact, considering what’s happened to our civil liberties, he should probably leave the constitution out of it if he wants to persuade anybody.


Well, fortunately for Wheeler, the Obama administration didn’t create the First Amendment. If they had, I’m sure Republicans would be fighting against it.


i’m so with you on that. i think he’s been a center to center-right president in a world that needed one center-left to left and it drives me nuts. of course, being a texan who is also a left-wing democrat hasn’t made things any easier for me. most of my peers are so far to the right if i find someone who isn’t a fan of the tea party wing i almost think of them as a liberal.


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