Obama's "Plan for a Free and Open Internet"




You know, he should have mentioned this a few weeks ago. That could have really brought out the millennial vote if a few conservatives who were running for office started to bitch about Obama’s net neutrality plan.


No, because the usual suspects would have started chanting “drones drones drones” and said that it wouldn’t matter which party you voted for, as they do.


Shaking hands with the man in charge of the Great Firewall of China while telling his scorpion to go against his nature.

My relentless cognitive dissonance has made me a paranoid contributor to this bbs.


I notice that his post is lacking the one phrase is desperately needs: “common carrier”.


…and I just saw this.

EDIT: So help me, Cruz looks like a cross between Joseph McCarthy and Jim Belushi.


[quote=“colinInSpace, post:5, topic:45566, full:true”]
I notice that his post is lacking the one phrase is desperately needs: “common carrier”.[/quote]

It’s in there. He just used the words “Title II of the Telecommunications Act” instead.


He should have thought of this in 2012-2013 when he was appointing every single FCC commissioner.


Can someone help me see the importance of this? I’m glad he supports neutrality, but he’s just “asking” the FCC to do something. He appointed the commissioner, but that was in the past. Is there any possibility he would remove anyone from the FCC if they don’t change direction? Would the commissioners be better off ignoring him to curry favor with Congress?

I understand this is politics, but I don’t understand the dynamics or incentives.


I don’t know why he doesn’t just say “these guys should be common carriers,” since that’s basically the plan he outlines.

But isn’t the president in control of the appointment of the FCC’s bigwigs? So didn’t he put us in this dangerously precarious position to begin with, where the guy in charge at the FCC has his lips pressed firmly to the butts of media conglomerates?

It’s this kind of song-and-dance that’s depressing lefties. “Everybody, here are some nice words, now ignore what the jerks I put in charge are up to, that’s not going to have any relationship to my words!”


Five year terms. So, no, Obama completely lame-ducked himself on the issue in 2012-2013.

Of course surely no one could have anticipated this issue in 2012. Why net neutrality was a pretty obscure issue until 2010. And as we all know it takes at least three years to anticipate an issue, so 2010 was one year too late. The activists will have to do better next time.


Fair nuff. I missed that.

I’m just nervous since Obama has a history of saying one thing and doing another.


From Cruz’s twitter:

Senator Ted Cruz :heavy_check_mark: @SenTedCruz
“Net Neutrality” is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.

So it’s a thing that most people support when asked about its individual components but blindly hate on when they don’t understand the context?


“and I respectfully ask them to adopt the policies I have outlined here”

So it’s just him saying “please”?
Rules are mentioned many times, but not law.


Uh, Obama. You may wish to watch this video of him from 2006.

Guys he talks about at the beginning “… I wanna thank Bob and Roger and Peter…”


Robert Rubin
Roger Altman
Peter Peterson


He did say that: "To do that, I believe the FCC should reclassify consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act — while at the same time forbearing from rate regulation and other provisions less relevant to broadband services. "

Title II is Common Carriers. I guess he could have said it by the term more people know.

And yes, he did appoint the FCC chair. Maybe he regrets it now… (though he’s been appointing former lobbyists and executives to regulate their own industries since he started! See boingboing since 2008)


“and I respectfully ask them to adopt the policies I have outlined here”

So it’s just him saying “please”?
Rules are mentioned many times, but not law.


really? net neutrality has been a pertinent issue since the mid 2000’s

here’s a link from boingboing itself in 2006 highlighting its importance


Cruz just wanted to sound saner than the Fox News pundits who will call it “Ebola for the Internet.”


He doesn’t have the executive power to declare these things to occur. But as the FCC does, and they’re being petitioned by millions of Americans to do these things, Obama is putting himself on the right side of the argument by reiterating them in specific, declarative statements outlining what the FCC should do to improve the Internet for Americans. He’s firmly putting the ball in the FCC’s court. It’s a smart move and I hope it works.