FCC chairman Ajit Pai calls net neutrality a 'mistake'

I can’t believe we’re revisiting this, but we are. It seems like nobody in office cares about what the actual tech community thinks about net neutrality, except for the megacorps like AT&T and Comcast who give them lots of money so that they can control what we get on the Internet and at what price.

It really steams my dumplings when I read this kind of stuff. If you’re person who believes in an open marketplace of ideas, it seems to me you have to support net neutrality. But what can we do?


only mistake here is that douche bag being in charge of the FCC.


Only mistake, or first mistake?


I stand corrected. First mistake of many this asshat will make.


Things Ajit Pai has done in his short stint as FCC chair so far:

Here’s a rundown of these and other things he’s done in just a few weeks of being a complete asshole.


This guy is an utter shit stain. Everything he’s been has been a net negative for ordinary people.

What is really shocking is as far as I’ve noticed, @doctorow hasn’t had said a single thing about this guy. I’d think he and the EFF would be up in arms talking about all of the shocking stuff this guy is doing.


I was thinking the same thing when posting my little rundown of his asshattery. The guy’s entire plan, as he’s stated it, is to dismantle all Obama-era privacy and consumer-protection regulations. Or as he puts it, “taking a weed-whacker” to the FCC. I’d think every post here would be Cory with steam coming from his ears.


I just submitted this tip to the main site. Hopefully it will get someone’s attention as I know many of the staff don’t follow the discussions here.


One of those threads where liking the posts feels weird even when you agree with them 110%.


Thank you!!


Him being born was a mistake.

FCC chairman Ajit Pai calls net neutrality a 'mistake'
BBS regular @renke calls Ajit Pai a 'fuckwit'


But Pai continues to paint a picture of net neutrality rules that classify the internet as a utility as a backwards approach.
dafuq? now more than ever - bandwidth has a similar significance as water and electricity. and as access to the customer is more or less a natural monopoly (be it frequencies for wireless stuff or the classical landline) regulation is even for free-market fans generally accepted.

Didn’t you get the memo?

Nobody in government is even pretending to give a fuck about the common good anymore. Now it’s just a huge FUCK YOU to anyone who isn’t the 0.1%.


Don’t worry, if water and electricity were just coming online, these clowns would make sure access was all pay to play.


Can you imagine if that were the system? A power company that were allowed to charge different rates to different companies based on the customer’s business model, or just a whim? Or a water company that literally reduce the flow to a business it didn’t like?


It’s more a fulfillment of a long held far-far-right fantasy: deliberately deconstructing the Cabinet and as many Federal regulations and responsibilities as possible. Steve Bannon stated outright at CPAC that the FCC and Cabinet appointees were specifically chosen to destroy the agencies they head.


Well yeah, but come on - that madness is just garden-variety neocon SOP turned up to eleven.

Elsewhere you don’t count unless you’re in the top ten percent; in the US now it’s the top tenth of the one percent. Same fucking shit, but in neon.

Governments everywhere are just there to piss in our faces and hand everything over to the scum. Like Clinton would have, and Bernie wouldn’t.

Absolutely. And now it’s actually, really happening in real time as we watch. The nuttiest neocon fantasies from 4chan and Reddit are playing out daily.[quote=“Kimmo, post:17, topic:96040”]
Governments everywhere are just there to piss in our faces and hand everything over to the scum. Like Clinton would have, and Bernie wouldn’t.
Aaaaand I’m out.

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Aw hey.

I bet I could find someone to shoot the shit with if I was a swinging dick at Goldman Sachs…

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They’d care about it if the disadvantages to destroying net neutrality went to specifically to people who are rich and privileged. Instead of people who don’t count as people under Citizens United. :laughing: :cold_sweat:

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