People don't care about "Net Neutrality": they care about "internet freedom" which is the same as "freedom"

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It seems reasonable to conclude that a large proportion of that figure, far from “understanding in their bones”, lack a clear picture of what it means, but they’re willing to go along with it because all their favorite websites are extremely enthusiastic about it.

Remember all those horrendously misinformed editorial cartoons that seemed to indicate net neutrality meant less freedom?


In some ways, it’s the fault of the Big Tech companies. Their continued health is pretty much entirely dependent on Net Neutrality remaining essentially intact, but they have really been sitting back on their asses and ignoring the problem for a long time.

This is such a core existential threat that any sane business would be doing their absolute best to instill the essential NN tenets into every American’s brain as a fundamental value, and working their asses off (and spending every dollar they need to) on ensuring legislation that makes NN as difficult to assail as possible.

But because these guys are all a bunch of techno-utopian bozos that have about as much understanding of political and economic history as my wife’s pet Yorkie, they’re happy to just sit back and wait to, as the saying goes, wait to mow the grass until it’s scratching their eyeballs.

In terms of corporate governance, this is about the dumbest thing possible. Next they’ll be letting the electric companies that power their data centers hold them hostage as well, apparently.

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that is so true.

Got one of him getting flash fried, then blowing away like volcanic ash; ala Sarah Connor’s recurring nightmare in T2?


In an era of “voting against, not voting for” we also can’t lose sight of the fact that this is a class-action “Fuck You” to the national monopolistic ISPs, who, through their general disdain and condescension, have made enemies of pretty much every warm-blooded American alive today.


So, freedom is a series of tubes, right?

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Next fight is opening up the tubes to the house. This dual-monopoly between Comcast and Verision has to go. I want access to other vendors through the fiber into my house. Verizon can go fuck themselves.

Similarly to the examples given in the article, in France, when a law was being passed that gave an ad hoc administrative entity the power to cut the internet access of people who engaged in illegal downloading of copyrighted material, the constitutional council objected that while internet access wasn’t a fundamental right, it had become instrumental to the effective exercise of several such rights, and as such couldn’t be denied to a person without a due process involving magistrates.

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