Timeline of Net Neutrality


That’s the sort of exhaustive labeling I expect in a political cartoon!

It took me a while to understand the cartoon illustrating the article. I now see that it’s saying that net neutrality will free the Internet from control by the ISPs.
But at first I thought the cartoon was aimed at making net neutrality look bad, since (counterintuitively) net neutrality (so I first thought) was being shown as severing the connections between ISPs and accessing the Internet… Whereas it’s actuality laws and agreements which block net neutrality which keep the user from accessing the Internet… Finally I figured out what the cartoon was saying (namely, that net neutrality is good, because it frees the Internet), but it took a while.

My son likes to watch anime on the internet, but not on TV, because we don’t have a TV. Last month his favorite website was blocked for more than a week by Time-Warner cable. Time-Warner offers a (crappy) anime channel to its TV subscribers. It was a golden opportunity to explain net neutrality to my kid.

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