Congressional candidate Brianna Wu explains Net Neutrality with cookies


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She has no idea what net neutrality is. It’s not about the user’s download speed. It’s about equal prioritization of traffic. Sheesh.


Burger King did it better (not a common thing to type)


When even a cookie analogy is over someone’s head. That’s just heartbreaking.


Agreed…not a common thing to say…but yes Burger King did a fantastic job at explaining this.


Huh. Her voice is different than the last few videos I watched. Wonder if she has something going on health-wise.


The video linked is the same as the first video link, Net Neutrality is explained with cookies.


Now I want a cookie.


Frank Wu here. The second link should be:



The King at the end was eating his burger and having his big mug drink too.


The internet is a series of tubes and net neutrality is a series of cookies. What we need now is an analogy that involves a glass of milk and we’ll be in business.


The tubes deliver the milk.


Don’t they use the cookies to spy on you?


Brianna is a cybersecurity expert - there are hundreds of hours of her discussing technical issues in incredible detail in podcasts. The net neutrality metaphor here is meant for general audiences not for tech geeks. Also, it really did feel like she (the service provider) was throttling cookie distribution to me and preferentially giving cookies to others.


It’s not a bad metaphor for that. Though maybe it’s a better metaphor for being in Congress

(also, I know quite a few people in the 8th, I’ll raise some awareness of her run)


Just want to say how pleased I am that Brianna Wu is running. I enjoy her podcasts over here in Europe, so alas I won’t be constituent after she’s elected. I think it was John Gruber and The Talk Show where I first heard of her.

Oh yeah, and the naysayers can suck it. It’s a good analogy, as far as analogies go.


I am having milk and cookies right now.


Thanks, Boris. I appreciate it!

Also, you cannot imagine the restraint I had to impose on myself not to eat the cookies during filming. As soon as we had the last take in the can, the cookies were gone in seconds.


A better metaphor is imagining if you had road networks being wholly private and you wanted to go to your local grocery chain but the road network owner prefers and prioritizes traffic going to the Kroger chain stores instead. Where you’re left either taking the bumpy back roads which takes two hours what normally takes less than 20 minutes in round trip or going to the Kroger store in the same old trip time.


I so want to see a tech woman in Congress.
Rationality and pragmatism!