U.S. senator to Internet providers: promise me you'll commit to Net Neutrality


Ffft. Even if they promise, it means nothing. Maybe a couple months.


They have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to never keep a promise…though not to never make one.


Yes. The morally correct response to “We promise” is, “Good. Then you have no possible reason for objecting to this bill that forbids it, since you already agreed to all the provisions. Thanks!”

But not gonna happen.

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SURELY if we ask nicely, these corporations wouldn’t think of going back on their word.

Hey Pat, wanna buy a bridge?

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Leahy is trying to use logic to deal with people motivated by greed. I don’t think that ever works. Instead of trying to explain why Net Neutrality is a good thing he should explain what’s in it for them…unfortunately there may not be anything. Net Neutrality benefits all of us, but that’s not good enough for people who are only interested in benefiting their shareholders.


The main problem is lack of any real major competition …

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A Democrat, negotiating with corporations. How quaint.


I’ve got to keep believing that we have some sincere representatives who will stand up for what’s right.

Last month, it was my privilege to get together with five other people I’d never met before (organized by DemandProgress.org) and meet with Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed to talk about Net Neutrality. He gave us a full half hour of his time, and it was a real Norman Rockwell moment for me, and for everyone else involved.

We all came from different walks of life, and each had the chance to talk about why NN was vitally important to us. You don’t have to be a wealthy lobbyist to get your representative’s ear; I was so thrilled that I made the effort to get up off my freaking indolent ass, and express myself with other people who cared about this crucial issue.

You – you, reading this right now – you can give your representatives or senators a call or email with virtually no effort, and I’ve got to believe it can still make a difference. Please make the effort while you still can; this will affect the way we communicate for generations to come.

I’m a musician – at least that’s the slot I fit myself into for this meeting; we had an activist, a local reporter, a college professor, an IT professional and a teacher, and for a half hour we had the full attention of a US senator. Think of that! It cost us nothing but the effort to show up, and some small amount of nervousness while thinking about what to say without sounding foolish. The door isn’t closed to the voice of the common man/woman; please make the effort.

The ISPs are counting on you to simply give up and remain silent; they’re guaranteed to get their way unless you raise your voice! You know the bastards; they think you’re docile sheep. Are they right? Will you sit back and let them be right? Please – it’s so easy, and means so much. I know so many of you out there have the fire in your heart; if you feel it while you’re reading this, please act on it.



Pretty sure that would be a 13th Amendment violation.




Make neutrality the law. Internet is a common carrier utility.

Damnit, Leahy.

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