Guantantamo torture survivors sue US Army shrinks who made $85M overseeing CIA torture program

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i hope they totally bankrupt them. after that i hope they get cancer (the shrinks) …

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It would please me to reduce their settlement slightly on the grounds they agree to we water boarded for 10 years. After those 10 years they can release a new paper on their methods.


These guys (the SHRINKS) deserve absolutely ALL the shit that comes their way…and I’m hoping that it’s a lot! These assholes give ‘creeps’ a bad name!


It’s a shame those “little Mengeles” don’t face justice for their crimes.

But they’re little cogs in a bigger machine. They got paid for their “work”. Who is responsible for these programs? Who used their research and ideas? Pure hypocrisy by a government (and electorate!) that likes to point fingers regarding human rights and paint themselves as paragon of civil rights.

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“Welcome to Earth!”
“This is humanity speaking, how can I take your order?”

oh, jesus !
a pox upon humans !

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I hope those human roaches get taken for every dime. Also, they need to be imprisoned for the rest of their lives. They are essentially weapons of mass destruction, and are too dangerous to allow to interact with humanity.


Ya know, I tried to find a gif for this that would represent the combination of emotions I feel whenever an article regarding torture comes up… I realized that there is (to the best of my knowledge) no gif on the internet that can successfully express the mix of hatred, detest, and pity I feel for the torturers.


This comes to mind:

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Still not quite there but closer than anything I found. I feel like that gif is still missing the ‘pity’ aspect of my emotional melting pot. I am truly sad that these “psychologists” sacrificed part of their ‘anima ius’(soul right). The right all of us are born with, the right that all living organisms hold. The universal right that rocks, dirt, gasses, universal phenomenon, and every single piece of matter has. A right that can only be eroded by a conscious being knowingly committing an act that goes against the grain of reality itself.

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Wow, I just reread that. Thats too much for even me.

I think I’m going to go smoke some legal weed and listen to some deep melodic music while I ponder shit I don’t understand.


me, i am over pondering !
i’m just going to ask the weed ! to help me ignore eveything…

happy flying…

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