Gucci pulls $890 blackface sweater


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How can we expect professional fashion designers to understand the symbolism of ornamentation?

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File under: pro journalists shouldn’t be expected to understand the dangers of false equivalences, comedians can’t be expected to understand what jokes mean, etc…


The number of steps to make a $890 sweater and at no point anyone said, “Wait a minute.”


I mean, let’s be honest. This thing cost them at most $40 to manufacturer. But yeah.


I agree. It’s not an accident, it’s selling their brand to rich people using racism as advertising because right now racist = edgy cool rich people shit. This is the world we are currently living in. It sucks but I truly think there are no real accidents with large companies like that. It’s cynical, but I think it’s probably the truth.


Shitlording meets late-stage capitalism. Or maybe they were always two sides of one coin.


Where are the holes
for the nose?
Why stop there?
Please tell me.
We are being PUNKED!


In a statement, Gucci apologised for any offence caused and said it would be removed from sale.

Any offense. Like they can’t imagine WHY anybody would be upset, but just in case, we’ll discard thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Perfectly fine, inoffensive merchandise. Just in case.


You really have to admire how much value people can get out of passive construction in an apology.

“The arsonist apologised for any fires caused, if there were any, by whoever set them.”


Nopology 101: shirk that responsibility.


And it’s ugly too.


I’m not sure if this counts as giving them too much credit or too little; but this one screams “all publicity is good publicity stunt piece”. Release, receive controversy bump, emit contrition noises; probably repeat in 6 months with something slightly different.


And Prada had these things recently. Wtf?!


Morally and aesthetically repugnant.


Why stop there? Why not a full body with lipped holes around the crotch, rectum and boobs? With white feet and hands?

Some more from the good ol’ times…


Racism always is.


maybe it’s just on that model in that pose, she looks like she really doesn’t want to wear that thing.


Maybe she just needs the right shoes:


Tax writeoff; NBD.


She may be the only one with plausible deniability in this whole thing (i.e. half her face is covered).