Guess who donated all the money to Black Americans for a Better Future Super PAC? Rich white men


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The SuperPAC used to be called “Very Rich, Self-Righteous, Entitled Über-Rich White Guys Who Are so Rich That (Did We Mention That We’re Rich?) We Own Everything in the World Including All Those Still-Enslaved Black Americans” but it didn’t fit on the cheques, so they shortened the name.

So it’s all good, eh.


Or, more accurately, “Oligarchs for the Plutocracy of America” (OPA for short).


What even is “relentless pandering”? I’m having trouble picturing how that would work.


I’m curious what these rich white men have have to gain from this, beyond one more voice shouting Republican rhetoric. Or is that all there is to it?




or we buy out both sides just to be sure.


Yep. I’d say that’s pretty much all they’re after.

Grub: Male, white billionaires?
Louse: Check.
Grub: Bootstraps rhetoric?
Louse: Check.
Grub: Male, African-American, (1 each)?
Louse: Check.
Grub: We’re good!


Black votes, or ar least, that’s what they hope:

Jackson said that “Having well trained, credible, experienced African-Americans constantly challenging the liberal orthodoxy in the media will create a tectonic shift in the perception of the Republican Party within the Black community.”

I don’t hear the rumblings of that kind of shift coming any time soon. And I don’t imagine that Republicans will (accurately) call THIS Jackson what the more famous political one has been called so many times, a “race hustler.”


That’s mighty white of them?


Even THAT wouldn’t fit on the cheque.

/It brought back to mind an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies, where a flim-flam artist was repeatedly taking them in for a bunch of money. Jed would offer to pay whatever fake organization the latest scam was and write a cheque. They all have ridiculously long words in the names, Jed would say “Oooo doggie that’s a long name, it won’t fit on the check! - Just use the initials, Mr. Clampett. - OK.” …scribble… “Will you look at that! The initials are C.A.S.H. Same as the last one!”

//first time I ever heard the phrase ‘flim-flam man’.


no, no, no it used to be called Kill Black Americans for a Better Future but then they were worried people would think they supported Trump. So they cut off the Kill part. Put it back in later when they get their guy in.


I’m sure none of this funding will go to campaigns designed to discourage black voters from exercising their franchise.


Jackson has elsewhere accused Barack Obama of “relentless pandering to homosexuals.”

Wait! Obama is pandering to homosexuals? I missed this!

When am I getting my share of this homosexual pandering?


“pandering to homosexuals” is code language for being a fucking decent human being.


It’s cool, That the donors of that pac are good friends with a Black Man.


I’m confused - I thought payroll taxes were something that companies paid, not a part of the employee’s salary? How do those silly things work, any way?


They’re paying him $155,000 per year, not to mention “travel, hotels and food, including about $5,000 at New York’s famous Morton’s Steakhouse”. A Better Future, One Black American At A Time!


Kind of like NGO’s “solving” problems without any input whatsoever from the people whose problems are being “solved.” SMDH.


Looks a lot like more anti-regulation fuckery! Thanks, but no thanks.