Guest review: my daughter reviews Ariol


Ariol is like your kid’s obnoxious friend who is so incredibly naughty that you dread his visits, and who your kid adores and wants to play with all the time (thankfully, he also lives in a comic book).

That sounds a lot like Caillou. Some kids seem to really love him but there’s just something about him that makes me wish him misery and doom.

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Wow, I don’t quite remember how I was at six, but I don’t think I was that articulate until about… yesterday?

Cute kid, seems very smart.


What a cute and clever girl. This is adorable.
Also, I want this to become a BoingBoing recurring feature.

First of all, most adorable thing I have seen all day.

Second this answers my question about accents in children who live in places with different accents than their parents (or at least one of them). It is kinda a split between the two.

I still shudder at the prospect of re-reading some of my kids’ favorite books: Ballerina Trolls on their Toes, Miss Piggy Takes a Dare, and the worst, Rolly Polly Pudding, about inter-species animal torture…

You should hear her say “cottage” – pure Ontario. As in “Mummy, when ahh we going to Torontoe agaayn to go to the CAAATAIDGE?”


:slight_smile: It’s just a good thing you don’t hail from Newfoundland/Labrador she would sound Scottish, British, with a hint of mainstream Canadian. Get that girl watching 22 minutes or something. :smile:

I once interviewed a guy who spent half his life in England and half in Oklahoma. It was the BEST ACCENT EVER.

Also, I think I may have to buy these for my nephew.

Also, also, I’ve said this before but that kid of yours is fantastic.


I can never remember. Do Torontonians pronounce the second T in Toronto? I always swallow it so it sounds more like Terono.

dude, you let your daughter speak British ? : )

Alan’s War is about World War Two.

I am SHOCKED that Cory would let his child read a book that teaches that interspecies romance is “OK.”

[/Fake outrage]

I bought and read a few issues of Sardine. A bit repetitive for me, but I think I’d have been totally into it when I was ten.

My mother detested the “Pippy Longstockings” books, likely for the same reason, but felt compelled to read them for us kids because a family friend kept buying them as gifts.

For some reason, British accents sounds even more charming coming from children than adults. I think it’s because the accent sounds very “precise,” which is cute when coupled with innocence.

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Better that than drum sets I suppose.

I like the method of encouraging a kid to read on their own by saying “I can’t read that to you now. Why don’t you read it to yourself?” That only really works if the book the kid wants to read is something they’re capable of reading on their own of course.

Something that I think might be really interesting is when Poesy reaches the point where Cory’s young adult books are relevant to her. Those would be interesting reviews.

I just remembered that Cory and Poesy sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on his podcast at Christmas time.

The illustrator on those Ariol books, Marc Boutavant, is no slouch either. His books are favourites in our house, particularly Mouk and the Popotin de l’hippopo (which is about a self-conscious hippo’s bum - I don’t know if there is a English version).

Daww! Thanks!

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