Guide to San Francisco's "secret" public parks in commercials spaces


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Here’s a comparable list not on Medium, and hence a billion times more readable on a computer screen:

(sorry, David, but Medium article formatting is incredibly frustrating to read)

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Wouldn’t it be fun to feature these in some kind of VR game or scavenger hunt?


No question putting your public space requirement up on an inaccessible office building terrace is shitty behaviour — as if we expect any other sort from real estate developers — but almost half of these aren’t “hidden” at all, they’re easily accessible from the street. The very first one is openly facing Mission. Some of the others are on alleys or quieter streets, presumably because who the hell would want to take lunch facing a busy downtown sidewalk?

I am 99.99% sure they’re all Portals in Ingress.

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I walk past a building with one of these sometimes. One of these days I’ll have to actually go up and check it out.

Here’s the official (shorter :frowning: ) list for my NYC bredren:

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