Guidelines for brutalist web design


I hate the default layout, which is why I view BB as a grid:

I tried following the blog, but it just didn’t click with me. Grid allows me to get the headlines, see the wonderful mouth for eyes images of @beschizza, and maintain chronological order.


I feel like this paradigm should be called “web primitivism” or “web essentialism” rather than “brutalism”. Brutalism is kind of a huge umbrella that embraced technological advances and quite decorative and provocative forms, albeit in a rather monolithic sense. Brutalism in architecture is also often in conflict with humanistic* motives- the structures were often functionally atrocious, which is a big reason why it’s not a thing any more.

I get that they are embracing the “raw” aspect of the brutalist definition, but I think it should also include notions of humanism/functionality, so something like “web essentialism” or “web primitivism” is closer for the mark in my mind. Maybe there’s a better term than those however.

*I mean “humanism” in the sense that the well-being of human users is of paramount concern




This isn’t new, folks. This is how nearly all web pages were back in late 80s. Not counting personal pages with flashing gifs and other nonsense. Seems kinda cool and retro now. And, yes, I’m THAT old.


Indeed they do.


Didn’t know about that. Will come in handy when I’ve been offline a few days and want to catch up fast. Thanks.


Thanks for that - I’ve been using blog view, but this condensed view is nice!




Why y’all yakking so much about code and webthingies? What I wanna know is: where’s that house at and how quickly can I sell my soul to the Devil (or Putin, whoever comes first) to be able to own and live there?


80s? I think there was one web page in the 80s.

Somehow Good Web Design has gotten renamed Brutalist.


It used to be called Good Web Design.


It’s funny how, in the context of web design, “just do it according to the traditions of the ancestors” is almost good brutalist practice(flaming skull gifs and animated ‘men working’ signs, not so much); while in architecture “just do it according to the traditions of the ancestors” is kept out of last place only by Rococo and “pretend that you did it according to the traditions of the ancestors but with modern materials and cost saving measures”; depending on which is more dreadful on a given day.


I agree so hard with this. Constantly missing good stuff that immediately falls to the bottom of the page because Trump dominates above-the-fold.


Nice to see a picture of my ol’ college library.


UCSD main library, now renamed after Dr. Seuss. My Alma Mater.


I was wondering when that would show up. :grinning:


It plays a significant part in Vernor Vinge’s SF novel Rainbow’s End. It’s one of the few Brutalist buildings I like (because of the design and because Dr. Seuss makes everything happier).


This, so much. Alternatively, I don’t want to sign up for a godsdamned account just to see your menu and get 90% of the way through a godsdamned order just to see prices. Show me what you’ve got and how much it’s gonna cost me, or I am going with someone else.


If everyone did this what would Slashdot complain about??



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