Guillotine watch: Paris has become a high-risk zone for the super-rich


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Maybe these are politically motivated robbers that fight against gentrifcation? :slight_smile:


Can we get these crims to change their base of operations to London? We got more billionaires here than Paris, just saying.


I’m surprised they’ve never heard of kidnapping. The loot you keep in your hotel room is nothing compared to a Kardashian’s ransom.


But then you have to deal with Lloyds Of London…


Well, only if your victim bought the insurance. You’re not allowed to buy your car insurance after you crash, you know.


“has become”??? Paris has ALWAYS been a high-risk zone for the super rich.



Smart wealthy people understand that money is best applied to making life more carefree as opposed to forcing one to live in fear and pay for guard labour. Greedheads who use their money to keep score never understand that, and societies with extreme inequality are rife with kidnapping, robbery, political unrest and thugs for hire.

As Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) once said: “Historically, a story about people inside impressive buildings ignoring or even taunting people standing outside shouting at them turns out to be a story with an unhappy ending.”


Is there a French word for schadenfreude? :wink:

Or maybe Inspector Clouseau, pictured in the OP, said it best:

“There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them.”


It’s mostly shoes and sunglasses


Fortunately for the super-rich, these attitudes cannot possibly exist outside Paris.


I don’t know. What’s the market value of a Kardashian these days? There seems to be a plentiful supply.


So victim blaming is ok because they are horrible rich people o_0?


I think what the issue is, is that a few extra crimes happened in paris this year, and for illegitimate reasons this has prompted a security upgrade of the city proper.


You should clarify for @Mister44 that “the city proper” does not include the banlieues. There won’t be any “trickle down” benefits for the poor.


Dear Kidnappers-

Here’s the deal. Everyone in America will kick in a dollar every year that you keep her.


Is anyone victim-blaming here? Robbery can happen to anyone, and indeed is often the go-to counter-example when people are victim-blaming rapees. What you’re seeing, I think, is a general lack of sympathy for rich victims, which given the current state of the world is hardly surprising.

For the record let me say that being robbed is a miserable experience, and whatever my feelings for Ms Kardashian normally, my heart goes out to her for the undoubtably horrible experience of being bound and gagged while she was robbed.


Ransom of Red Chief, right? :wink:


I guess it is a fine line between “lack of sympathy” to “they deserved it”. YMMV.