Fuerdai: Paris Hilton with Chinese characteristics


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There are some not-dumb nations (The Republic of Korea, for an example) who are offering second citizenships and residencies to wealthy Chinese for hard currency.


I tried to give a shit about this, but failed miserably.


It’s almost like there’s such thing as too much money…


Compared to some of those stories, the two Apple Watches on the dog seems almost responsible.


Fortunately, China has a long history of peasant uprisings (ex: Yellow Turban, Li Zicheng, etc) - I can only hope I live long enough for them to Eat their Rich.


So the chinese goverment will step in to teach them to be better rich people? Isn’t that an moxymoron?


I wonder why the author brought up Guo Meimei. She is not fuerdai. She is not a nice person but a strong argument could be made that her story shows what happens to those who aspire to join the club rather than being born into it.

He also missed a rather important point. They may be second generation wealthy but for the most part they are 100th generation powerful.


Considering they’re generally three or four centuries apart and the last was about seventy years ago I don’t think anyone reading this will get to see one.


Brought my camera for nothing…


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