Guitar hacking with Eddie Van Halen

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it’s amazing to me that before now, i had never really thought about what a gifted nerdy engineer he was – HAD to be – to do the things he did to his guitars. it just adds a whole new layer of brilliance to him, which is saying a lot.


Had the same epiphany just recently hearing about Grandmaster Flash and his background in electronics. This river runs deep.


“The first thing I did with that guitar was chisel it out in the back and put a humbucker in. When we were playing gigs, people kept saying, “How is he getting that sound out of single—coil soapbar pickups?” Since my hand was covering the humbucker, they never realized that I’d put it in.”
that part of story is about Frankenstrat, not les paul

As a guitarist, I’m a bit baffled at how someone can afford multiple pickups, but can’t afford a distortion pedal.


This appears to be an accurate portrayal of the man. I watched Cameron Crowe’s documentary David Crosby: Remember My Name and he’s a prick. It was very sad to hear him speak about screwing over his friends and former girlfriends.


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