Gun fight from Collateral explained shot for shot


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I love Collateral. I find it to be an effective if a bit pulpy action thriller that has a unique sense of style that has been copied quite a bit. There are only a few movies I feel do a good job visualizing the chaos of action, especially as shaking the shit out of a camera became the norm for horror and action movies.


Haven’t seen Collateral yet, but I did get to see Heat recently. That gunfight in downtown was intense., but not near as intense has Pacino and DeNiro having coffee in the diner.


Is “Neutralise two tweakers” assholese for “killed two people”?

Beware the language of dehumanisation.


I loved Collateral apart from the ending (Hey, just like Heat! Must be a Michael Mann thing).


That was… genuinely interesting.


It was a good movie. However, I find the promotion of this person’s gun wankery a bit distasteful. What’s up with that? If the guy is a gun enthusiast, that’s great for him, but why give him a platform on boing boing? Do we all need to be prepared to engage in “gun play” as well? DO NOT WANT.


Just the words I was reaching for! I for one was not offended nor do I demand this post be scrubbed from the internet. But his intensity was a bit much. I lasted about halfway.


Wouldn’t that be a typical case of “Couvrez ce sein, que je ne saurais voir” ?


Retired special forces, probably has a lot not to think about.


Because I found it interesting.

Think of it as a deleted scene from The Big Lebowski.


No, unfortunately the bosom was quite visible, and furthermore wasn’t a bosom, which would have elicited a lot less complaining, at least from me.


Fair enough. It was an amusing caricature of gun wankery, I guess. Nevertheless, consider yourself hassled by the gunplay-hating bluenoses from the north. :slight_smile:


It’s a movie.


This is so weird. I watched that movie a day ago. Every time I watch some old movie, Boing Boing proceeds to post some article about it the next day. Please stop, you are freaking me out.


Do you have like a nanny cam in your room? Maybe Rob hacked it an you’re his real life Truman show.

Take up safe cracking, he might learn a thing or two…


hahaha - I agree with the surprise, but bring on more interesting firearms content boingboing! Fun clips out there of Keanu training up for John Wick 2.

The wankery may not make a lot of sense or seem silly, but it is fairly interesting. The training and use of firearms was fairly static from the 60s to the late 70s, and then stayed static again from the late 70s up until the late 90s or so. Post 9/11 there have been a lot of developments in technique due to the modern confluences of networked communications and video, the stupid “war on terror”, and cross pollination between “gamers” and “professionals”.


I don’t have the dvd around to check, but I think I remember the extras making reference to Cruise undergoing intensive gun training for this movie.
As for “intensive”, you could choose between Hollywood intensive or Cruise intensive, but I have no idea which one.


Vickers is the “real deal” even though he looks like a fat sack of shit.

Tactical trainers/trainees run the gamut of people who actually do dangerous things for a living, to Walter Mittys, to wannbes, to people curious, to people looking for some fun/excitement.

It really is little different than martial arts. Training, repetition, some fun, some practical skills you most likely will never use in the real world, and some wankery.


He really let himself go after Special Forces!