Gun Legality 🗣🔫

Just so we are on the same page:

All this just prevents the gun to be shot by someone else than the owner. So this only prevents accidentally shootings by kids/spouses/friends and some theft scenarios.

This would not in the slightest have any impact on most of gun crime, murder, and killing mass shootings as those a predominantly done by people who gained full control of the weapon (either by rightful ownership or theft cases where something like the bracelet would also have been stolen

Do you have any idea how many lives that alone would save in the U.S.?

Accidental shootings by other family members (especially children) and suicides are a huge part of our problem with guns.


Because you don’t like it? Then don’t move to New Jersey.

This is backwards logic. The gun is mediocre, therefore please ignore the technology for making it safer. And whatever you do, don’t integrate it into other firearms or they’ll be mediocre by association. :roll_eyes:


The majority of firearm crimes are committed with firearms that do not belong to the person using them. It is either a friend, family member, or the firearm was stolen.


Cross posting

Anyone checking in on Alex Jones?


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