Japanese man arrested for 3D printing and firing guns


At least the Japanese cops did their homework (unlike those UK cops who found a 3D printed spool bobbin and ran straight to the media).

Unbelievable. Gun ownership laws here are very strict and this is not obscure knowledge amongst the Japanese.

But they weren’t real guns, just working models.

I’d rather not be the one to try and explain that to the police here…

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If America’s NRA was actually a pro 2nd Amendment lobby, they’dve supported 3d printed guns and acted to stop U.S. laws banning them.

But the NRA’s only real care about the 2nd Amendment is GUN SALES. The NRA is the gun manufacturer/sales lobby - nothing more. Yet they’ve duped so many people into thinking they’re all about ‘the right to bear arms’.
They’re only agenda is to increase traditional gun sales - and their psychobabble fear mongering added to their inaction on anti home-manufactured gun laws proves it.

Something should probably be said about the politicizing of the gun debate and how it’s now affecting our use of computers/devices.

I wish there was more detail. Are we talking standard 3d plastic extrusion printing, or metal sintering? Were the barrel / receiver printed? Or were they machined metal?

The point being anyone with a few basic skills and tools can make a durable, firing weapon in their garage metal shop.

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I’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at - and I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about 3d printed guns – But I gotta say, purposefully ‘politicizing’ an issue is a brilliant technique to ensure nothing is actually done about said issue… at least in the U.S.

Acting on Climate Change and implementing green-energy is a great example. The fossil fuel industry, their dependants, and enablers have been impressively successful upon ‘politicizing’ Climate Change. The results have been gridlock benefiting fossil fuel -AND- actual pushback against green-energy by rightwing average citizens.
That’s some impressive shit right there considering fighting against Climate Change and enacting green-energy programs had bi-partisan support in the U.S. a mere decade ago.

They tried to do it with ‘tobacco use vs cancer and addiction’ back in the late 80’s-early-90’s but I guess the immediacy of cancer and addiction are even bigger than politics in some cases it seems.

Now I wonder if they’re trying to do it with Net Neutrality.
Though it’s already being underreported and being touted as ‘confusing’ by mainstream media - So maybe, instead of politicizing it, it’s a new technique of faking the ‘smarting up’ something to keep it out of public debate.

‘The general public’ always loses in these situations but I, none-the-less, do recognize the brilliance of successfully implementing such maneuvers.

And the NRA, while seemingly nutty and phony and off topic to many, are geniuses at serving the interests of traditional gun manufactures and sellers.

I can remember building some remarkably accurate Japanese kits of firearms back in the day (inc. some with working firing mechanisms & ejecting brass, powered by VERY large plastic caps. Like, the size of an aspirin large). Do they still produce those? They’re banned as fuck now in Merrie Olde Englandland.

They still make them, “airsoft” is the term you are looking for (no idea why its called that).

I don’t recall the NRA ever condemning 3-D printed guns. I did see they supported a bill to continue to outlaw guns that could pass through a metal detector, which isn’t the same thing.

“home-manufactured” guns are NOTHING new. It’s been around for as long as guns have been around. One can build an AR-15 style Rifle (or at least the lower part which the ATF considers a “gun”) with little more than some jigs and a drill press. It’s that easy, and 100% legal as long as you aren’t running afoul of things like NFA gun laws (building a short barreled rifle). you can legal own the gun (not a felon, under 18, etc), and you don’t sell it. They even sell forged 80% blanks, which have the basic shape already done, you just have to drill out the cavities and pin holes for the magazine and trigger group, etc. Kits to build your own black powder rifle and pistol are also popular.

So yeah, the NRA has been aware and supportive of “home-manufactured” guns for a long time - real ones - not the more or less worthless ones that 3-D printing currently offers.

I used ‘home manufactured guns’ incorrectly. Thanks for the info.

The NRA didn’t publicly condemn 3d printed guns but they didn’t support it either. So they condemned it by remaining silent on the issue - because laws were passed condemning it while the NRA remained mum.

I stand by my original assessment - If the NRA was a 2nd Amendment lobby instead of the gun manufacturer/sales lobby they’d vocally oppose the knee-jerk laws banning 3d printed guns and the tech-plans involved so early on.

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Yeah, we still get those (made with transparent plastics now). These things looked real, went ‘bang’ quite loudly, and ejected a brass shell. You could easily hold up a bank and/or get shot by the cops with it.

“home manufactured guns” is a fine term. 3D printing is just another potential avenue for making guns and gun parts, though in my opinion they have a long way to go. But if you’re serious about making your own guns, you can get the proper machines to make one for about the same cost of a decent 3D printer (more if you want a fancy one) and be able to make real working firearms that will last more than a few rounds. All of that is 100% legal as long as you are obeying the other gun laws out there. The home based hobbyist has been around for a long time, and it’s not exactly hurting guns sales.

I guess you will have to point out where they banned 3D printing of guns. It hasn’t been banned by the ATF. The only law I saw that sorta related to it, was a ban on some gun that could pass through a metal detector.

I’ve heard some criticism of the NRA as some how only being a mouth piece of gun makers, and I think that is bunk. Yes they get money from the industry. Show me a lobby group that doesn’t. But they also get a lot of money from members. If their stances were so far out of line with their membership, their membership numbers would be dropping, not growing.

I haven’t seen a Federal bill banning 3-D gun printing, and if I do I would expect the NRA to be involved opposing it. However, assuming they don’t doesn’t prove your theory. It’s a political entity, and political entities have to pick and choose their battles.

There are blank firing only prop guns. That’s probably what you saw. They are usually made of low strength metal and have a pin in the barrel so that they can’t actually fire real bullets.

This site which came up in the first page of search results from Yahoo Japan doesn’t seem to have clear plastic parts but I don’t know if they go bang or not. I assume the ones made for export are not the same as the domestic ones.

Nah, these were actual model kits. Could have been Tamiya, but it was twenty some years ago, so maybe not. I had the broom handle Mauser one.

Hmm well if you find out exactly what you’re talking about, post here. I’ve seen airsoft and prop guns, but not model kits. I bet they are amazing. Japanese LOVE LOVE LOVE guns. Just watch anime and see how much attention to detail they put into them.

They were pretty good, aye. I had a walther model 9 as well, but that was just a replica mechanism, it didn’t fire the cap propelled brass.