Manchester cops trumpet seized "3D printed gun" -- turns out to be parts for a 3D printer




Bigger lesson to be learned; frequently “authority” ain’t no such thing.


They should seize all lathes, files and drills as well while they are at it. You can make REAL guns with thoss.


So let me guess, are the people that they seized this from currently sitting in jail while the cops try to manufacture something else to charge them with?


Thanks, Officer Hypothetical, for saving us from this dire threat!

Love this.


snrk snrk snrk!


Well, they have committed the worst crime of all- making cops look stupid. They need to be punished for that.


“Screws! We got screws here! Get the bomb squad. Who knows what a guy with screws is capable of.”


Hey! You took those out of my door hinges!


Oh no, no no no you’ve misunderstood. You have total free speech. It is printing presses that are illegal not printing itself.


Yup - all of us need to be punished. And prematurely too. We might join in the laughter.


All small metal objects are what we in the Safety business like to call ‘pre-shrapnel substances’. Were somebody to embed them in or a round a block of suitable explosive, they could easily maim, or even kill, innocent members of the public.

Come with us, please.


The worrying thing is for me is that these printers can be used to make certain components of guns, while others can be legitimately ordered over the Internet without arousing suspicion. When put together, this could allow a person to construct a firearm in their own home.

I was in middle school the first time I figured out how to put together some 3/8" brass tube, a washer and a rubber band. (3/8" almost perfectly fits a .22 shell)
Oh, right, and duct tape. Quite a lot of concussion passes through the brass to the fingers.

I actually got fairly good with it before I got bored and tossed it out.

Should they ban brass tubing and washers?

Oh, wait. I forgot. That wasn’t me, it was my friend Ernie Lundquist.



The entire statement reads like it came straight out of a sitcom. You know the episode, where the main character messes up in some relatively minor fashion and out of embarrassment decides to lie about it. Every attempt to fix the situation results in a bigger and more absurd lie.

Downside being I doubt this particular episode has a happy ending where everyone laughs and hugs it out in the closing seconds.


Also the (accused) terrorist gun maker was carrying around money, which is commonly used in the purchase of firearms, knives, weapons of mass destruction and elections.

Thank God our new surveillance program caught this wannabee Terrorist-Warlord-Election Fixing-Murderer before he could go on to commit the crimes, of which most, if not all, humans are technically capable.


Uh-oh. “Clearly the fact we have seized a 3D printer and have intelligence about the possible production of a weapon using this technology is of concern.”

I have a 3D printer, and at one point I downloaded some zip file of ostensible gun part STL files out of curiosity.

Here, put the cuffs on me.


80% lower receiver and a drill press gets you a fully functional and easy to purchase without licensing or background check ar-15 in most of the United States. It’s even downright legal in a bunch of places. Though fiercly illegal in others.

That being said… a 3d printed gun will probably never actually make sense. Augmenting a fire arm with 3d printed parts? sure… that makes sense.

Either way this is just some cop trying to drum up political favor and increae their funding and stature.

“Hey look at me I am up to date on cutting edge developments in crime fighting… promote me to (ridiculous title with ridiculous matching uniform). Also we need more money to address these emerging threats, we think that several fast cars and a tank are in order. Also some sweet tactical helmets like we saw on Bad Boys II. Pew pew pew. So cool.”


Doesn’t the UK have access to youtube?

You can make a shot gun with two lengths of pipe, a screw, and a few other parts for about $7.

Got some more time and have something like a drill press, some files, and a vice? You can make something much more complicated.

ETA - I didn’t mean to reply to you, openfly.


That’s my favorite. Also kids in somolia make AKs out of scraps and sell them at markets.

If someone wants a gun, they can get a gun.