Guy gives a lifehacks tour of his apartment


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I’m not too impressed, but I will share my awesome “hack” for loose change. I bought a few of these and sprinkled them around the house. What’s great about a Piggy Bank is that everyone knows what they are for. They are way cuter than loose change jars.


This guy is in desperate need of a hack that consolidates all those damn speakers!

  • Socks - been doing this for 25 years. I only wear gray Gold Toe socks. Can’t buy just the gray socks in stores, but you can on the 'net.
  • Wallet + magnet = credit cards that won’t scan.
  • Doesn’t know that $2 bills exist.
  • Tupperware - wrong, wrong, wrong. So wrong it’s not even in wrong’s neighborhood anymore. Just stack them by size. Idiot.
  • Obviously he doesn’t understand how microwaves work.
  • Bright LEDs - just get some FREE scraps from an auto windshield tinting shop.
  • Does he really not know that you can adjust the legs on your refrigerator so that the door stays open?
  • Tying shoes - what is he, a 4-year-old? Grow up and tie your shoes, or get loafers.


People actually sort socks?

#Mind Blown#


Props for owning an Instant Pot.

Hack #1: don’t put cash in your cards/ID wallet. If your wallet gets stolen, you still have money. Likewise, the other way.
Hack #2: don’t get Tupperware. Get glass containers, including mason jars. Edited to add: if you purchase the right brands of spaghetti sauce - free mason jar!
Hack #3: don’t get a cat unless you live in the country and need a mouser. No ‘cat water’, no litter dust everywhere, no need to vacuum twice a week.
Hack #4: don’t put blue LEDs in your bedroom. Remove all lights that are green or of a shorter wavelength. Learn to make melatonin again.
Hack #5: fridge magnet? Level your fridge properly.
Hack #6: keep the link to this video if your friends think your place is cluttered.


I love how people assume what’s good for their cat is the best way.

My kitty uses a large dog dish for water (at one time, it was for the dog but the cats drank out of it, too) and it’s next to his dishes! He loves to drink in between bites. When the water needs changing, we use the old water to irrigate plants outside since we need to conserve water.


Actually I can see a use for separating out the food and water. Sometimes cats like to be anarchists and dump their dry food into the water for fun, which makes for some really nasty water.


Well, then, separate the two things. But I question his expletive-riddled explanation that it must be done because in the wild…


It is instinctual in many cats, but #notallcats :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed watching the video. sure all these hacks won’t be for you, but i like that the guy was constantly challenging they way he did things and looking for the little victories wherever he could find them.


I have to admit that this guy was fairly entertaining in gushing about his life hacks. I’m not sure if any these would actually improve my life or my cats’ lives, but… I have a huge problem with him placing his shoes on the kitchen island/counter/multi-use table space and then plopping the other pair on top of the crock pot and admitting to us that the shoes were dirty (UGH). Yes, I may have a bad bacteria-phobia, but I live in a city where street gunk and variously sourced poo on the sidewalks are common. Yuck!

(If you really need to avoid tying your shoes… I found some great cinch-laces on Amazon for my parents for under $8/pair.).


What do you have against tall cats?


Fixed. He “hacked” nothing.


Keeping the tank topped off = fewer/lower MPG. Mr. Money Mustache preaches the opposite: do not keep a full tank because hauling that gas around is like paying for another passenger.


Life hacks mean you’re too cool to RTFM.


If you have a much larger than average gas tank, perhaps. But then again you probably already have a larger vehicle at that point that likely doesn’t get great fuel economy. A gallon of gasoline weighs around 6 lbs. That means a full 17 gallon tank is +/-102 lbs. That’s simply not going to have a significant impact on fuel economy – certainly not enough of an impact to offset the extra trips to the gas station.


Mind you, multiply that ‘negligible’ amount of extra fuel by (checks Google) 250,000,000 passenger vehicles, well, now you’re talkin’.

/Me, I usually fill my tank when it’s below 1/8 of a tank - that’d be every day, when it’s busy.


You know how, when people want to make fun of the 80s, it’s all fancy hair and Devo? Our children will snicker at the word “hack.” They probably already do.


I’m glad he has enough cabinet space to fit all those empty containers but that’s just really not a good idea for the rest of us.

Keeping shoe laces working is an unnecessary chore but unless you have at least 2 pairs of shoes per color, paying $18 for 100ft of it per color is a waste. There’s a ~$12 thing made specifically for shoes. Someone on BBS linked it. I forget who. Sorry. :crying_cat_face:

Using power 7 on a microwave does help but I think that water thing is bogus.

Unless your gas station is exactly on your way to or from something you go to regularly, filling up at the half way mark is wasting a lot of gas in extra miles driven. (On top of all the other complaints listed above.)

Several Happy Mutants have kids. We should do a survey.