Guy nails every accent

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Och now, he’s really, really good, so he is.

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White privilege

That was hilarious. Good content too. “In Spain we drive fast because we want to do nothing, but we want to do nothing for more time”. Ha.

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Very good indeed, the French one needs a teensy bit more work I feel but I loved the Dutch guy whose dog run over by canal boat.

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I can only speak to the Australian but can confirm he completely nailed that one. It would not have even occurred to me that he was not 100% native. He even looked Australian while he was doing it.


not that impressive imo. there are others on youtube that are crazy good. this is just a bro who thinks he knows how to do it. even further…there are people who can speak 20 different languages…

He nailed Mandela.

He probably wouldn’t get stuck in this elevator.

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Well, at least you didn’t call it “fake”.

Dutch here. Yes, he pretty much nailed it and that is impressive.

Rab Florence is the best.

Sorry but South Africa is waaaay off.

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