Guy sends a "hotter more successful" lookalike to his high school reunion

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“The best revenge is living well.” ~ George Herbert

“The second best revenge is…cat-fishing your HS reunion?” ~ Vice

Seems a bit thirsty.



Once you’re done, high school is irrelevant. Reunions are a waste of time & energy.



I now live 3000 miles away from my hometown, and I don’t need to “prove” to anyone that my life is far better now than it was when I graduated high school.

Hell, that’s rather a low bar…


When I got word that my 10th high school reunion was coming (at the same place we had our senior prom, no less) I debated showing up, but filthy, in disheveled clothes and a scraggly beard, pushing a shopping cart full of empty cans.

I didn’t of course, because I just don’t have the guts of Andy Kaufman, and I also couldn’t think of a good way to end the prank.

And ultimately I’d still have to deal with a bunch of people I have no interest in talking to anyway.


I don’t know. I mean the concept is funny but it really comes off as being rather pathetic.
I say this without having actually watched this video. Maybe I will change my mind after I see it but that will have to wait till the morning.


Speaking of Kaufman… this is the plot of an episode of the classic sitcom Taxi, where actor Bobby imitates Louie at the latter’s class reunion.


I had one person from high school apologize years later for being mean to me. It was nice, but I put more effort into telling her I appreciated it because I wanted her to feel better about apologizing than it actually meant to me. I recognized that it didn’t matter and I wasn’t the person she’d hurt so many years ago anymore.



I’ve stayed in touch with the three people I care about from high school. The rest of them? We didn’t like each other then and we wouldn’t like each other now.

ETA that although I don’t have anything to prove to my former classmates, there is a guidance counselor I wouldn’t mind running over into again. Thank Azathoth I didn’t listen to her.


My wife and I are both transgender. You could not pay us to go to our high school reunions.


He’s a decent looking guy, isn’t a slob, seems very friendly and affable, has a good sense of humour, is a dentist with a practise waiting for him if he wants, and is a musician. If this was about proving something he should have gone as himself to begin with, but I’m sure being bullied in HS can do a number on you.

I’m glad it worked out in the end for him, if not for the British guy’s “lookalike” startup.

I went to my 10-year reunion because I genuinely got along with the members of my small class and was curious to see what everyone was up to. It was fun and I was surprised to find out that even the popular kids thought I was cool back then (I certainly didn’t). I wasn’t going there to prove anything or be someone else, though; sort of defeats the purpose, as this guy found out.

Beyond one all-classes east coast reunion a few years later, I haven’t gone to another. I’m not on any mailing lists and don’t have Facebook. I keep in touch with the few people I want to (one is a close friend), which is what I suspect happens for most.

[as a side note, one of my HS friends who I’ve been out of touch with for decades apparently went full-in for Il Douche and got kicked off the school’s Facebook alumni group for anti-BLM tr0lling a couple of months ago]


almost all of the people i wanted to keep in touch with from high school i have. i can only think of a couple people who i would like to talk to now, decades later: one is a guy who stood up for me when i was going through a period of being bullied. i’d love to thank him for that. i think of him all the time. another is, of course, the bully, just to find out what happened to him, to see if he remembers how shitty he was, and to see if he regrets it. the other is a guy who was in my circle of people i hung out with, but we never really talked. i heard he came out years after we graduated, like i did. i’d love to get his take on our high school days as another closeted gay guy. OH, and i’d love to find out what happened to the two guys who were actually out when we were in high school, because omg, they are legends. but that’s it. i certainly have no desire to do what this video proposes.


The thing about high school is that once you graduate, you never have to see any of those people ever again. Why spoil that?


Guaranteed that the person looking forward is hotter and more successful than the same person looking backwards.


But could Vice?

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Cool ad for “Oobah” on Vice I guess.

Otherwise while i can see someone shallow and piercingly insecure enough to do this, it’s too 80s film-y for me to take as anything but native advertising.


Same here. I only went to my 10 year because one of my friends would not let it go. However, as the only Black kid in most of my classes, being remembered was a non-issue. However, a lot of the guys in my class did not age well. After spending 12+ years in school together, many of us struggled to identify them.

The organizer of the event became a teacher in the same school system, and still lived in town. He helped to smooth over a lot of awkward moments, which was his penance for not using name tags.


I wonder if a foil-wrapped cucumber was needed?


That shaver looks like Cthulhu in its embryonic state.

Reunions are for people who haven’t gotten over all their baggage from back then.

Old scores unsettled. (Charitably) Old crushes left un-flirted with.

I for one have aggressively skipped every reunion. Anyone worth talking to, I’ve made the effort to stay in contact with. If we have fallen out of contact, then it’s for a reason.