Guy stands in front of rip-off exchange bureau in Prague to warn tourists


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Pah! Another malcontent getting in the way of the Job Creators and their Job Creating! If that exchange’s customers didn’t want to get ripped off, they would already be going to that other exchange that they didn’t know about!


Reminds me of the pre-smartphone days, trying to keep Bucuresti taxi drivers on a direct path to a destination, and assure them you knew the difference between the old currency and the new currency.


One of the standard phrase you need to learn in all languages is: “Frak you! Do I look like a tourist?”


I was in Prague a week ago and have to say that out of European tourist traps, I would rank the Czech republic 9/10, will visit again. Money changers are absolutely everywhere, and you would be crazy not to spend ten minutes comparing prices.


The Euro exchange is particularly insane, but if you look at any exchange rate board, the bank-to-bank exchange rate falls pretty close to the middle so these guys can make a fee on both sides. This guy is asking for a 20% commission even on his “good” rates (Swiss Franc) - he’s asking 33% above the interbank rate on pounds.

Been a while since I was overseas, but seems to me my credit card charged gave something that was within a couple of percent of the bank-to-bank rate. There was somewhat more to get at cash money from an ATM, but nothing like this.


A letter! Those bastards!


At least in Europe the usual advice is to avoid those exchange places and rely on cards, either directly or via ATMs. Even with all fees you will be better off.


I like to get a stack of local currency – maybe $200 worth – before I go out of the country so I have it on me, but I often have to work to spend my way through it before the trip’s done.


I just visited Prague for the first time last month (I’m from the U.S.) and watched a bunch of this guy’s videos prior to traveling. Pretty much all of his advice and suggestions were useful. Totally recommend. Also, Prague is a great city to visit.


When this didn’t work they sent him another letter threatening to send him to jail for ten thousand years.


Vypadám snad jako turista? Jdi po prdele!


It could have been worse. He could have been drafted into the Sea Org. That’s a billion year commitment.


Article needs ‘Hero’ tag.


I’ve been to Prague a few months back and every time I went near an exchange office the intent to scam was damn near palpable. I ended up using my card for most things[1].

But Janek is a mensch and deserves his own Good Guy Janek meme, I swear. :slight_smile:

[1] Protip for people visiting Prague: Make sure you land with at least 100 CZK, preferably more. You will need local money for transport from Vaclav Havel International to anywhere you go. The price for the transport is reasonable and so’s the quality but the exchange bureau at the airport will fleece you.

No idea how this is legal. If this were to happen in my very own Redactedstan they’d get their exchange bureau licence yanked instantly.


The good news is, at their conversion rates, that would just mean getting processed and released.

I’ll let myself out.


I was there in 1988. Sounds like very little has changed–and that’s a wonderful thing.


Pretty gutsy to risk trespassing charges by following people in to the premises.


Funny that he let the woman in the Herbalife shirt go unadvised. (Herbalife is a notorious pyramid scheme.)


He needs to pair up with the 5 million air miles guy and then they can save people all over the world.