Guy who "fixed" women's computers spied through their webcams


A creepy computer nerd? Just when you think you understand the world…


sounds like he should have worked for the NSA


This is why I always remove my hard drive when I take my computer in to be fixed.


This thing is like unto that thing:

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Well, if you keep that hard drive out of your computer, it’ll be ‘fixed’…


If GCHQ does it, it’s ok…


Put a piece of tape over your camera ladies!


Watch it again with sound on MUTE.

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We’re not all that bad. I’d NEVER think of setting up software to spy on what you’re doing…

… I just grab the photos and videos of the stuff you’ve already done!

Meanwhile, another major security bug uncovered…

Much worse than the Apple bug… And it’s Linux, FFS.

Eavesdropping on Linux users? It’s easier than you think.

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Do as they say, not at as they do, I suppose.

A forensics expert claims that this sort of thing is “very common.”

Why, your own government does it on a daily basis. For your protection.

Wow, haven’t heard that since the 80s.

Hadn’t seen the clip before, the pathetic ending was like a gut-punch of 80s mediocrity… reminded me of so much crapness. It really was visceral; I haven’t seen anything that lame yet so familiar in its lameness for a long time.

What’s the inverse of nostalgia? Or maybe I’m after the contrapositive; can’t remember my logic lessons.

/remembers subject of thread

Oh wait, never mind - the nostalgia’s back.

Only people who have something to hide from a pervy voyeur need worry about this form of surveillance.

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Perhaps a backlit printout of goatse?

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