Gwendoline Christie of 'Game of Thrones' in a fluid, morphing garment

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…the fuck did I just watch?

Was it art?

Was it advertising?

Was… was it pornography?

She did? I think there might have been one second of non-CG garments towards the end, but it’s hard to say. Maybe the fashion industry has been auto-rectal spelunking for so long that they no longer produce actual wearables? Like the emperor’s new clothes, only with modern post production techniques. See y’grace? You look proper swanky in this film. You weren’t naked at all, noooooo.

Can somebody please tell me if I liked this video or not? I don’t know what’s happening any more.


I think it’s been a very long time since the fashion industry produced anything that could be worn day-to-day that wasn’t directly derived from either military designs or our great-grandparents’ style.


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This is how sci fi movies start. Now she is under the power of the black fluid clothes, and will work towards their eventual take over of the earth.

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The greatest trick the prada-wearing devil ever pulled was limiting our colour choice to cerulean blue.

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yeah, it was fairly terrible.

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