Vogue's 21st Century Man (1939)


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It’s always interesting to see in retrospect how every generation’s ideas about the future reflect their ideas about the present, even if it is just in regard to something like fashion.

Apparently Gene Roddenberry’s costumer thought the go go dress would transition from ridiculous to uniform over the course of hundreds of years.


They got the antenna part kind of right if you consider bluetooth ear pieces.


Looks comfy!


Looks like the lost member of Spinal Tap.


Pretty much spot on!


So basically the 21st Century Man is starring in a community theater production of Camelot.


Robert Goulet “If Ever I Would Leave You” as Sir Lancelot - YouTube
Video for camelot goulet
:arrow_forward: 2:24

Robert Goulet “If Ever I Would Leave You” as Sir Lancelot. … dad worked for Pan Am) was listening to …


Candies for cuties!


Some of the ideas are correct, although the execution is off.

Brilliant photograph.


Looks like a costume for the spring production of Much Ado About Artisanal Mayonnaise.


You know… I’d totally love to go around like this (minus the antenna-hat), if people wouldn’t laugh at me.
This look cool, and I’m disappointed by our non-futuristic future.


Uncanny, I wore something like that last week.


Ohhhh, swish!


Wait, what year did they start making 'Cuties?'
Could be some Nostradamus type shit right there.


I can’t imagine that antenna hat is picking up anything useful with all of those obviously EMI-generating devices he’s surrounded himself with.


Or cell phones in general.


Flying cars? NOPE!
Personal jetpacks? …NOPE!
Vacations on the Moon or Mars?..NO!

…cool “Vogue 21st Century Man” look? …Nooooo…!

The future has turned out to be so disappointing.


Real story being that William Ware Theiss, the costumer, was a raving letch who wanted men and boys to be drooling like St. Bernards

Theiss theory of titilation: “the degree to which a costume is considered sexy is directly proportional to how accident-prone it appears to be”"


Great photo, makes me think “Julian Barratt/Mighty Boosh outtake” for some reason…