What planet were these photos of 1970s men's fashion taken on?


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Planet Awesome, obviously!!


those dudes in the red tiled room are hot.


Oh man the waistline/height on those pants. People who say the 70’s were great obviously do not remember these kinds of things.


Dat Mighty Mouse T tho’.


What’s going down sugar brown!


Planet Funkytown


those dudes in the neutral grey room are totally average!


The guy in high waist band red trousers & cream patterned shirt looking out of the 3rd row left picture is the spit of Ray (Bloody) Purchase from Toast.


I’m speechless - it’s priceless!


i actually am happily surprised that catalogs showed realistic body types. i don’t remember that at all. it’s refreshing.


Third picture down on the left-

Is is just me, or is the guy in the middle wearing a rejected design for a ST:TNG dress uniform?


I’m pretty much think the “Men in Belted Sweaters” one was part of a series of porn magazines.


Half of them appear to be from Planet Williamsburg the other half - as noted by @phosphorious - Planet Awesome.



Seriously, growing upon asmall farm town we GOT these catalogs at home. I’m so glad my brother and I recycled all of them.


The two rightmost ones are seventies gay porn stars Gordon Grant and Bill Cable, so yeah, they’re hot for sure.


Stay classy, San Diego!
I’m Ron Burgundy?


Is dude #171 in the gray room… lactating? Was that a thing they left out of episodes of Barney Miller?


Why didn’t they get the pornstar guys to model the mesh tank top?


Mustard and pit stains optional for the full fashion effect.