Found debauchery: cavorting bros and a pyramid of beer on a found 1971 Super-8 reel


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shirtless young 70s drunk dudes getting more and more hands-on with each other as the reel goes on, a big snake… how could i NOT be turned on?


Look how happy they are. Look how young they are. They are older now than I am today, and I am jealous of their youth. I smiled more at this video than any other in a long time. Not sure why. I guess I just miss my friends. (The soundtrack was great, BTW.) '72 might have sucked for these dudes, and getting hammered in the attic was a good choice on that day. (full disclosure; Ihadacoupleofbeers)


A couple of thoughts…

That kinda looks like fun. Weird, white dude fun, but I’m a weird white dude.

Why did they all take their shirts off? I’m not ashamed of my body, but it is a privilege to see these nips.


And the music was great


Attics can get pretty hot in the summer, and they’re not usually air-conditioned.

I didn’t really catch an overtly gay vibe.


Not at all, and obvz not a negative thing in the first place. But if you wanna gaze upon this hunk of man perfection, it’ll take more than a beer :smiley:



How about toasted ravioli and some chianti?


Looks like they have quite some fun.
I admit I am envious.


Deja vu all over again. Those were the days my friend.
Those guys and I are about the same age, wonder how they feel about their new internet fame.
How’s their life been and what’s it like to 'splain this away to the kids ,grand kids etc.
I have to cringe every time somebody comes up with a still picture of me in the seventies.
No film proof (that I know of)
And for all you youngsters out there, imagine your Facebook postings 40 years from now,
I can’t wait to see that…
Now get off my fucking lawn!


Wow, they had both Schlitz and Schmidts, good times indeed.


I wish they would have showed us the van with the wizard painted on it.


I’m guessing it was the summer (maybe the 4th of July from all the flags), and since they were in an attic it was hot. One dude is walking around in his tighty-whiteys.



That design on the Schmidt’s can were in use in 1966, for sure. I couldn’t find any other examples from 67-73. I’d guess from the flags, the sweat, that the 4th of July sounds like a good estimate. A better still shot of the Nudist Magazine issue might help narrow it down by year. Schmidt’s of Philly doesn’t seem to have traveled far, so the party was probably in PA, if not right in Philly.

Run with it, Internet!


Couple of the guys came in wearing Ohio University shirts. Plus the beer cans had pull tabs and the bottoms are flat like the old pre-aluminum days.


“Listen, our stash of brewskis up in the attic for the Fourth is getting HUGE! But we gotta stay up there and drink it, right? Otherwise my parents will find out.”


Schmidt’s!? Fuck that Shit!! PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!


American men today are overly concerned with doing things that seem “gay”. Way more than other societies.

The fact that we weren’t always so is what is interesting.


It might have been that at the time most gay men were closeted or surreptitious or otherwise under the radar, so unless you were presenting as one of the obvious stereotypes (flamboyant queen, fastidious “confirmed bachelor,” etc.) your sexuality wouldn’t be in question, even if you were engaging in scantily-clad drunken horseplay in the attic.

IOW, it’s not that homosexuality was more accepted back then, just that a regular red-blooded all-American boy wouldn’t be suspected of it, even when doing stuff like this, so stuff like this wasn’t anything to refrain from or be defensive about.


I remember recently seeing an article about how men touching men used to be just just a way of showing friendship, but I can’t remember where I saw it, nor can I remember enough of the title to Google it. I ain’t Googling “men touching men” on a works computer.