Kavanaugh's Yale fraternity brothers posing with a flag of womens' underwear (PHOTO)

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DKE, a Yale frat well known for chanting “No means yes; yes means anal” at Take Back the Night rallies.


So glad my alma mater to this day doesn’t have fraternities.

Students were completely capable of self-forming their own groups and getting up to dumb shit. And, compared to fraternities and sororities, it was less sinister and more inclusive dumb shit.


DKE? Oh jeez that just says it all. Actually considering my experience with fraternity bros in my time as an engineering major, fraternity brother pretty much says it all.

ETA though I have special hate for the ‘Real Men’ of PKA who liked to wake me up when playing ring around the rosy or whatever the fuck stupid kids game at 2am on their front lawn loudly as what I assume was a hazing ritual. Real men say “fuck off with that stupid shit”.


Dude, don’t deign to put this off on frats and sororities; it’s the rape culture we live in and perpetuate that’s the issue.


You know, if this guy had any integrity at all, he would ask the committee to hold off voting until this whole situation had been investigated and resolved. He says he’s innocent. Let’s let the FBI prove him a truth teller or a liar.


How many ’80s movies involved boys getting their hands on a woman’s (or women’s) underwear as a way of proving they were men?

I can think of four, although one is late ’70s:

Animal House
Pretty In Pink
Revenge of the Nerds*

I know I must be missing a bunch.

Not that it makes it “right” in any way shape or form, but it was absolutely the cultural water we were swimming in back then.

As for their revolting chant, they’re a little pond of self-replicating and reinforcing bullshittery. It’s hardly a surprise.

*Not positive on these, but I seem to recall scenes involving women’s underwear – but memory is a trick thing; I haven’t seen either of them in over 20 years.


So. Kav calling Hillary a bitch. Not an issue.

This shit. An issue. This is the stuff I give a damn about.


Revenge of the Nerds not only had a requisite ‘panty raid scene’, but the Tri-Lams also planted video cameras all over the Pi Delta Pi sorority house, as ‘payback.’

Don’t even get me started on the sugar-coated rape scene between Louis and Betty Childs.


It’s all of a piece from my point of view. Some minor things, some major ones, but they all create an ugly, misogynist mosaic starting from his high school days, through college, to the comment about Clinton during the SOTU in 1997, and as recently as the judgeships where he chose his female clerks in part based on looks.


Riiiight. And didn’t she dump her jock boyfriend and take up with Louis at the end? Man. What a freaking movie.


Ok. But one man calling one woman a bitch is no more a sign of misogyny than a woman calling a man a prick is misandry.

So that one is not a flag of anything in my book.


It’s even worse than that; she was immediately ‘cool’ with being tricked into having sex with Louis, because he was ‘just so good’…

BETTY: Are all nerds as good as you?


BETTY: How come?

LEWIS: 'Cause all jocks ever think about is sports, all we ever think about is sex.

As a tween in the late 80’s, I used to love that movie, before I really stopped to think about all the fucked up messages it sends.


I agree with the effed up stuff it promotes. I will argue thqt if I allow myself to not think about it and just put myself in that world it still has moments that make me laugh.

I’d like to think we’ve evolved beyond this. But I suppose some of us have and some sadly haven’t.


Yep. I was going to say, I was the absolute target demo for it; a nerdy white high school teenager that hated jocks and felt invisible.

That said, until you mentioned the specifics, what I remembered most from it was the electric violin in the “concert” at the end. I thought that was quite awesome. So yeah. Too much of a nerd to comprehend at the time the actual point of the thing.


I have a habit of introducing my kid, who’s a tween, to my beloved movies from the 80’s; from stuff like Back to the Future to the Shining (don’t judge me, she loved it.)

But there are certain ‘raunchy’ comedies that I dug back in the day, that I simply refuse to show to my daughter, because of the immense toxic misogyny and homophobia* that’s rampant in them.

'Nerds, for all the comedic nostalgia it may hold, is one of those films.

I was also not one of ‘the cool kids’ while growing up, so I related to the “underdog” aspect of the movie for a long time.

Oh, the talent show and Gilbert’s “I’m proud to be a nerd” inclusion speech at the very end were awesome.

Unfortunately, it’s not nearly enough to make up for everything else that’s so terribly wrong with the movie…

*Along with some occasional transphobia, as well.


Agreed completely. I’ve been doing the same thing and then talking about he movies with the two older ones. The good and bad.


While it wasn’t an 80’s movie it was when I first saw it. The sprog is interested in doing theater this year and I spotted a copy of RHPS at the library and thought he needs to see this if he wants to do theater (as well as just see it). He made till Tim Curry showed up as Frank and was okay dad you are too fucking weird for me and would not watch further.


He was a deke? Oh yeah he definitely sexually assaulted someone at the very least.

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I would argue that frats (mostly frats) are the scaffolding on which rape culture grows on.