New York Times: Brett Kavanaugh thrusting his penis in a woman's face "may seem like harmless fun"

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It’s an apt metaphor. The American public is equally disinterested in having Brett Kavanaugh’s judicial opinions shoved in its face.


Shit like this is why I don’t just delete the nearly daily emails from The (FTF) New York Times: I smile as I do so.


If NOAA can be made to walk back its own predictions, it’s not surprising that someone in authority at the NYTimes is somehow also under the boot heel of the current administration.

If investigative journalism is no longer sacrosanct, we are all doomed.


The use of the word “tattling” seems like it trivializes the situation.


I’m frequently amazed that a paper with such great investigative reporting and other amazing content like the 1619 Project can regularly produce such drivel in its opinion section.



“Boys will be boys.”
“Stay with him, honey. Sure he beats you, but then your children won’t have a father!”
“It’s unfortunate your husband’s indescretions were discovered, but at least he didn’t divorce you…”
“Men are just animals, aren’t they? ::sips martini::”
“His life is so hard now that she ruined it by accusing him of things that he did to her.”
“I can’t believe frat party events are now being recorded and posted online. Is nothing sacred anymore?”

My favorite:

“And you can’t even coerce a woman into having sex with you without being brought up on charges.”

Rand McPherson, PCU


Perhaps isn the original context, it was felt by all involved to be trivial.

Things change.

remember this?

Now, it’s


This is excerpted from

from the review:

Where Kavanaugh jumps off the page is in what might euphemistically be called “extracurriculars.” He went to high school with classmates who had private pools and tennis courts and sometimes even private jets. He came of age during the era of “Porky’s” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” That combination of extreme privilege and extreme license, which he seemed to take for granted as a teenager, in retrospect looks lethal. He lived in the athlete bubble and made fun of kids outside it. He was not known as a starter of trouble but as a joiner, signing on to the “100 Keg Club,” riding in the Party Van, singing obnoxious songs about who was a good lay. His friends ran an underground paper called The Unknown Hoya, dispensing helpful tips such as “all it takes to have a good time with any H.H. (Holton Hosebag)” is a Montgomery County library card.


The best man at my wedding was a year behind Kavanaugh at Yale Law, and knew him as a famous douchebro back then. He confirms the reported bad behaviour.


When I first saw that headline, I just assumed it was a very black joke, along the lines of “Being stabbed multiple times might seem like a harmless prank, but…” It was only when others started pointing it out that I realized it was serious… JFC.

I’m an ever-bubbling cauldron of rage that this dude got rubber-stamped for the supreme court, given all the accusations, none of which were allowed to be investigated, either properly or at all. Not just his assaults, either, which are all disqualifying by themselves individually, but potentially some serious financial shenanigans as well - that indicate someone may have bought themselves a supreme court justice. But we’ll likely never know, because of how utterly corrupt and contemptible the Republican party is.


You might smile more if you mark them as spam. That actually affect them, v. them just counting you as a subscriber to advertisers.


Worst timeline


oh we know


NYT makes a questionable and off-putting tweet, and it’s in the news.

45 makes 10-20 disgusting and reprehensible tweets every friggin’ night and it’s ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Protip: don’t let the Gray Lady watch your kids.


Him and Goresuch are fucking stolen SCOTUS seats and every time I see a case it reminds me how much of a zloi mudak moscow mitch mcconnell is.


I think what you meant to say was constantly repeated and reported in every news publication in America, and usually quoted verbatim, then analyzed for their impact on world politics. But I can see how you’d confuse that with boredom.


Perhaps we should evaluate the “harmless fun” quotient by imagining a scenario in which a random male stranger had thrust his penis in Brett Kavanaugh’s face during his college days. How exactly would he have reacted under such circumstances? Would it have been equally fun for all concerned?

It’s too bad that Kavanaugh’s new-found gravitas as a Supreme Court justice probably means that he doesn’t get to enjoy the harmless fun of penis-face-thrusting much any more, otherwise pretty much anyone in possession of a penis could brighten The Honorable’s day by thrusting said appendage in his face. Oh, the hijinks and innocent merriment that would ensue!


Why would anyone expect better from the premier establishment press outlet that has been supportive and enabling of the GOP for decades? I have no doubt that if the judge was a Democrat, the tweet would have been far more serious.
Remember: When the corporate media talk about defending democracy and serious journalism, it’s about 99% marketing hype, and, like most hype, lacks backing with facts.

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