Schoolmate of Kavanaugh's accuser: "This incident did happen."

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Won’t matter. Nobody loves a rapist like Republicans. As long as the rapist is white, that is.


Tell me about it. The Republicans almost elected Roy Moore, a child predator, in AL.


I think Dr. Ford deserves all the support she can get, especially in the department of validating this happened. I just worry accounts like this are only feeding a frenzy and allowing a shift of focus away from what happened and into beating up a straw man second hand story.

Maybe it will inspire others with more direct evidence to come forward.


Now watch the usual right-wing pundits and commentators come out with their concern trolling over something that no-one is claiming is iron-clad evidence.

I still remember rumours about what happened to specific people at parties and trips back in high school. Those memories wouldn’t prove anything in and of themselves but they provided context later on when some of those incidents were later confirmed at reunions and such by those involved.

More likely it will inspire other women to come forward with their own allegations, as has been the way with the #metoo movement (e.g. Cosby, Weinstein, etc.). Someone who gets away with rapey behaviour when he’s young seldom stops at just one, and this guy gives off the stench of what college girls used to call “a bad date.”


But he’s anti-abortion and will protect the president from lawsuits, so his heart’s in the right place.



As usual the Onion is on point.


Ha! Yep, perfect.


Unfortunately that’s Dr. Ford, Kavanaugh and Kavanaugh’s black-out-drunk buddy who was part of it. Everyone else is in the category of, “Yeah, I heard something about it at the time (or some years later).” But it’s pretty clear that this did happen - she was talking about it years before anyone knew who Kavanaugh was. Even many of Kavanaugh’s defenders admit it happened. They just don’t care.


Not at all. What about the 65 women Kavanaugh didn’t rape? They’re all sure he wasn’t even at the party that nobody is sure which party, but the one where he didn’t rape anybody. Again.

Because integrity!


BB really needs a “dislike-but-appreciate” button.


One would think that Kavanaugh and the Repubs would realize that his appointment to the USSC will taint that court as long as he is on it and that every ruling, every opinion he writes and every word he utters in public will be measured against this scandal. They should also realize that if later on, more evidence comes out, they will be cast in a very negative light. I guess they don’t care as long as they get him and his right-wing ideology on the bench. My hope is that eventually he will be impeached and removed from the court.


On NPR this morning they said his defense will be mistaken identity, given than saying to disbelieve women is not kosher in our society anymore (rightfully)

Sucks that apparently there’s more accusers.

I’m sorry I don’t have a source - I saw a link the The Hill on Reddit discussing the fact there’s more people but they’re afraid to come forward since they may be retaliated against and work in the federal courts. If any happy mutants recall, I’d love an assist.

Anyways, wall of text aside my point is: Were the other accusers mistaken too? :thinking:

Republicans on the fence are itching for plausible reasons to confirm, but even this flimsy story will soon fall apart.


I was amused/bemused to see one of the women on the list followed it up with saying that she never knew of Dr. Ford, and it was somehow intended as a furtherance of her defense of him, rather than a weakness of her own support for him. (How did she think that helped his case - something like “I never knew anything about this woman, so she must not exist”?)

I’m just feeling extra grim, after having read this (and getting déjà-vu reading it):


I feel the need to share this here:


Schoolmate of Kavanaugh’s accuser: “This incident did happen.”



As a man, I can only say: I wish. It’d be about damn time.

Increasingly, I’ve been having fantasies about a vigilante group that hunts down and eviscerates unpunished rapists. It’d leave behind a note saying, “Hey society, if you really want to protect rapists so badly, make sure they get prosecuted and put in prison, where we can’t reach them!” Honestly, I don’t know how it is that this hasn’t already happened.


Sounds like a more militant version of the Gulabi Gang in India.


The truth about false assault accusations by women


I am hesitant to click that link.

Sexual assault is far more common and prevalent than false accusations.