Kavanaugh's weeping, shouting, and blaming is classic DARVO behavior

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In the hearing yesterday, he was asked 19 times if he would like to have an independent FBI investigation clear his name. He turned it down 19 times. His accusers are all perfectly willing, on the other hand…


Half the Senate is below average.


I really don’t want to live anymore. I’m not even joking. I have to get out of here before I die.


Worst DEVO tribute band ever.


I want to know what else is in this man’s record that the GOP refused to release. I have a bad feeling that being an entitled sexual predator who thinks he’s “owed” a seat on the SC is just the tip of the iceberg.



He was mirroring trump yesterday even down to the snorting / sniffing.


It sounds like a more dramatic version of gaslighting, always a favourite of the abusive male partner/spouse.


Let me start by saying DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY.


Just for knowledge, has anybody made any study about what would be the difference in behavior of somebody actually wrongly accused?

Again - no, I’m pretty sure he did something, several somethings, and is now very much fearing he is going to be found. The whole not-calling-the-FBI-but-I’ll-do-what-you-want-thats-right-you-my-Rep-pals-bail-me-out" thing is telling.

But I’m just curious of how could one, in general, distinguish between people wrongly accused or not by their behaviours. Obviously there is not going to be fast and simple rules that work 100% of the time. But things like anger… well, I would be really angry if I was wrongly accused of a major crime. Hey, I’m angry about minor stuff most of the time.

Of course, me not being a drunken sexual predator, my first move would be to say yes, please, get the FBI, I fully collaborate, I have nothing to hide, this will show it is all bullshit so please get them and let me clean my name. I would probably still be visible angry, but not shutting up with a look of “who do you think you are” when pressed to answer why not call the FBI because I would be ringing the bell myself.

So, again, IN GENERAL, anybody can make something as broad as this DARVO thing but for the case of an innocent?


Possibly, but unlikely.

1 to 99 Senators would be below average, odds are against it being half of them.


This fucker acts like being a supreme court justice is his birthright.


^^^^ I have felt this way for 20 months now.

I am getting out: low-information, ignorant US citizens do not have my consent to bring the country I live in to Russia’s standards. None of them has apologized for inflicting revisits of sexual assault on PTSD survivors, defunding Planned Parenthood, bringing in a mobbed up, patriarchal, white supremacist government that would give dead-eyed cretins like Stephen Miller opportunity to draft legislation to remove paths to citizenship to legal residents if their family members used social assistance. Even in 2018 I see “there were no good choices,” as if a Democratic president would hire someone like John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Stephen Miller, or nominate someone like Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Those US citizens eligible to vote in 2016 and weren’t suppressed from casting ballots must surely know someone negatively impacted by the kakistocracy. I’d bet my life savings one of them’s read and responded to comments even on this forum by someone negatively impacted.

Kavanaugh’s $200,000 gambling debt reported in 2016 was paid off in 2017. The ConfirmKavanaugh website domain was registered in February 2017, sixteen months before Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. Suspicious, yes?


First google result for DARVO includes this bit.

If confronting what appears to be a wrong-doer, then watch out for this pattern.
Note also that a similar pattern may appear where the person actually is the innocent party. The best approach is thus to seek further evidence, whilst watching for signs of lying.


I don’t know about a study, but most people in his position and with that kind of strong backing and establishment credentials who knew they were wrongly accused would calmly say “I welcome a formal FBI investigation to clear my name, after which we can continue with the confirmation process.”

I have seen one case of a man being wrongly accused by his daughter of childhood sexual assault. I liked the woman but she was very troubled (diagnosed bipolar disorder among other issues) and her story never made sense even to her kids or to her siblings. She dropped it after about 6 months like she never made the accusation in the first place. Her father certainly did not react by gaslighting or DARVO, but he struck me as a calm and even-tempered guy in general. That said, it’s anecdotal.


“First day on the job, you know what I learned? How to spot a murderer. Let’s say you arrest three guys for the same killing. You put them all in jail overnight. The next morning, whoever’s sleeping is your man. You see, if you’re guilty, you know you’re caught, you get some rest, you let your guard down.”

~The Usual Suspects (1995)


I half agree. I would very much call for it, thats clear, and thats the biggest thing that screams he has something to hide.

“Calmly”, I wouldnt, because I cant even clean my teeth with calmness in my heart, so I would probably be giving an spectacle of total nervous breakdown. Which probably would not help my case, but well, I’m also no Judge material…

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From the post: “… Kavanaugh used the DARVO strategy to win over the judiciary committee.”

He didn’t win anyone over. Members of both parties on the committee had made up their minds before they even went into the room, and Kavanaugh’s performance didn’t cause anyone to change their position. Nor, I think, would he have expected to convince anyone in that room. His intended audience was elsewhere.


And it’s here where the rubber meets the road in this scenario. On the first count, Republicans are refusing to seek further evidence. On the second, Kavanaugh has lied on multiple occasions about facts both large and small pertaining to his time as a court clerk, his time at the White House, his time as a student, and what he was doing hours before testifying yesterday.

The guy is guilty as fuck, and everyone involved knows it.


Namely, The White House, as the Orange Menace reacted to all that shouting and conspiranoia with joy.


8 year old kids on the playground tend to mimic the bully. He’s one of dRumph’s toadies.