Found debauchery: cavorting bros and a pyramid of beer on a found 1971 Super-8 reel


I found a few articles on this topic -

This one points out that many of the portraits make you think they must have been lovers - which they may have been, but the physical closeness was normal enough that this wouldn’t have been assumed.

A couple of articles make the point that when the only acceptable physical closeness for heterosexual men becomes a sexual one with women, it stigmatises and isolates men and puts undue pressure on women (in the same way that men can’t provide all of their partner’s needs either, and close female friendships are important). It also exaggerates the importance of finding a partner when this is the only way you can express closeness in a physical (but not sexual) way.


I don’t walk around in my tighty whities. I strut.


Well, that’s got my shirt off.


I, too, remember the night that Cloverfield attacked.


Everyone was skinny, er, normal back then. Even with the beer.


i meant to ask before, but does anyone recognize who that painting is supposed to be of? it seems to be a focal point of some kind.


So are their lives going to be ruined now because this has appeared on the internet?

Nah–I bet their lives were ruined long ago.


My attic (now my bedroom) has that same shape and paneling – I had to do two or three double-takes before I figured out that the boards are oriented differently and this wasn’t a live-feed taking place just outside my field of view.

Also, yes, shirtlessness is a must in the summertime. If only I looked as good as these guys.


I was kinda expecting an Animal House type soundtrack. Clip would have had a very different vibe.


It looks like Al Smith, the “Happy Warrior,” to me.

Maybe they hide him in the attic because they’re in Taft country?

Al had a little more hair than this fella, though. And he seemed to prefer bow ties.

It also looks a lot like Adlai Stevenson.


Thank you, you are a star.

I remember reading something many moons ago which reference a French Merchant traveling to England sometime around the early 18th Century (I think), he was disconcerted by the English habit of greeting everyone, including strangers with a big ol’ kiss in the lips.


I assumed it was LBJ for some reason.


Maybe. But I see enough normalized behavior in other societies between men that in the US we’d consider “gay”, that I don’t lean towards that explanation.


RIP Patrick Halloran


I thought it was more of a mincing flounce?


These dudes are all staring down seventy… at least, those who survived Vietnam, various cancers and heart conditions, alcoholism, car wrecks, and other misadventures of the past 45 years. Wonder if any of 'em are still around? Wouldn’t it be great if one or more of them happened to see this movie now, for the first time in decades?

I’m glad they’re having fun, but man… as a teetotaller, I’d be seriously jonesing for an Xbox, a drumkit, maybe a dartboard or a pool table… anything.


actually, my first comment was made because i couldn’t get the artist Barbara Kruger’s work out of my head while watching the video:

i’ve long loved that piece – i tend to see most male interactions (especially straight male ones) through this lens now.


Yeah - look at South Korea. A fairly conservative country with lots of casual male on male contact. There’s nothing “gay” about it - it’s just a way of expressing friendship.

There’s a great line from a Cracked article touching (no pun intended) on this phenomenon.


Cute boys, i’m swiping right.

Is this where I confess that of my crushes right now, someone I fancy, in part, very much because he/his friends run in to hug/pile on and have a laugh. Maybe he’s gay? or just relaxed and fun? welp, it’s hot either way.


i’ve long loved that piece – i tend to see most male interactions (especially straight male ones) through this lens now.

Thanks, awesome indeed. The original memester hits the bullseye again.