Vintage Seventies Ad: Van Show World!




I need to root about in the attic when I go back home this fall – I think that I still have a bunch of cheesy books from the 70’s (one of which is on custom vans)


That was the thing when I was growing up. We all talked about the bad-ass van we’d have as soon as we were old enough, and it always meant shag carpeting, a stereo ("dude, Quadraphonic, a speaker at each corner blaring ‘Radar Love’ "), and a mural that wrapped around the sides and back. No chick would be safe.


That is one of the 70sest things I’ve ever seen.


I have some experience in this area


Hardly - it doesn’t have any bubble windows.


Also, why settle for “van” when you could have:


I never wanted a funeral, but now I at least want to be driven around in that sweet ride with ‘Don’t fear the reaper’ blaring.


The slide door on the side is an excellent place for a machine gun. Think a helicopter gunship without the helicopter.


whelp, hold onto your hat:


What’s so good
about a good times van?


The times, man, the times. And they are a-changin’…


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