1978 GMC Star Trek van for sale via Craigslist




If my daughter were 16, this would be her ride. Although, she’d change the naked ladies, I’d imagine. Hell, given her artistic talents, she could buy her own used van and paint it up as she saw fit. I’d imagine it would be her my little ponyfied A-Team, if it were a GMC van like BA Barracus had on the show.

$9500? Is that the going rate for decent used cars now? or is this the inflated rate to have Spock and some chick with her nipples on display?


Yeah, no. The half naked women kind of turn it from being cool, nerd-retro to being just kinda creepy.


Say hello to the Second-Base-Mobile!


I like it but for that. It’s very 70s, though.


It seems to be missing bubble windows…


Anyone have that “shut up and take my money” picture handy?


This is pretty much exactly the sort of sweet ride that I would have wanted back in 1978, when I was in my early teens, but I’ve grown up since. Now I want a van painted to look like a Starfleet shuttle with the dashboard instrumentation modified to look as much like the TNG-era LCARS interface as possible and still be readable. I’m so much more mature now!


The interior doesn’t help. Unless “kinda creepy and looks like it should be a set for '70’s porn” is the look someone’s going for.


But that is its wonder!!


Ewww. The velour interior was suggestive enough without adding the phrase “van-cum.”


See, when I saw the term “cum-battlewagon” I knew exactly what the interior would look like.

And yeah, when I was 14 I wanted this exact ride.



That’s what I’m talkin’ about!



apropos of nothing:


I’ve got to dig up and post the old comic book ads about making a living by doing custom van work.
here’s one:



No blacklight? I’ll pass.


And coming out of the 8track you hear this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1lRulMdB1o