FBI surveillance van from the 1980s on eBay


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/24/fbi-surveillance-van-from-the.html



Now you can film your own episodes of Hunter or The Equalizer!


What? No Flowers By Irene logo?


That’s really cool. I think I would get rid of the electronics and use it as a camper.

  1. Sweet!
  2. Who the hell would pay $19k for a 28 year old van?


Then why buy this particular van? I think that the modifications and electronics is a rare find, and getting rid of them nullifies any value the van would have. I’m sure a museum or private group/person would be interested in preserving the van.


I always wondered what became of that van


Doesn’t meet the emission standards where I live.


they have their opportunity. I’d turn it into a pirate radio station.



Would make a cool movie prop/set.


Don’t fuck with Joey Pants


Are you talking to me?


It even has that cheap paneling so ubiquitous at the time.



I’d keep all the goodies, update 'em and spy on the FBI


Upon seeing the wood paneled interior I was struck with the desire to obtain this vehicle.



Toilet in the back? I bet on some days, this van felt very, very small.