Gyroscopically stabilized CD player on the International Space Station


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Very cool, my only real question is why are they taking CD players up to the ISS? It seems quite wasteful in terms of weight.


I’m betting it went up fifteen years ago. You know, before we even had iPods.


Time for an iPod then I think.


But then how will I stabilize my space flashlight?


Ah, but then you’re married to one version of iTunes on a laptop, how do astronauts play their own personal music?


Plus it was one of the longest commutes in human history. You really wanna make that trip without the ability to play “Radar Love”?


Well when you put it that way…


True. Better make it a Zune then.


CDs are CLV, right? Would it matter whether or not (when tying multiple players together) you got their rotation speeds all in synch?


Here’s hoping this will extend the life of my CD collection by at least a few more years.


They use Thinkpads running linux on the ISS. It isn’t very Itunes friendly.


I wonder how fast he’d start spinning if he used that power tool without holding on to anything.


I seem to recall that powertools designed for freefall use are built with counterweights that spin in the opposite direction to the drive motor, just so the astronaut doesn’t get spun around by the torque when they’re trying to tighten a screw.

NASA’s been building tools for astronaut use since the Gemini days; they don’t just send them up with stuff bought from Home Depot.


Poseurs. Everybody knows that space is the VINYL Frontier.


The drill-driver in the video is an off-the-shelf Makita.

I like the fact that they have at least three CD players on board; that way the astronauts don’t need to put up with the musical tastes of their colleagues.


If he taped a fourth CD player to than group I bet it would freeze time on the space station.


Audio CDs (CDDA) are CLV, yes. Other CD formats are a big “it depends”


Not freeze it, just stabilize it when it gets poked.


Really, though, there should be turntables up there: