Hack Your Dog's Brain

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/08/hack-your-dogs-brain.html


Something about the conflation of “hacking” with mere “training” makes me uneasy.


When the phrase “hack your dog’s brain” sounds like a fun breezy suggestion that can be a sign of cultural problems


Social media much?

Rule Number One of Dog Training: The dog does not need training. The owner does.

I have met exactly one dog owner who understood this.

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Let’s stay with training.


Nerd version of woo. Not to say the actually training video isn’t good, just commenting on the use of hacking to make this sound more than just regular good old fashioned training.

My wife and I will check these out. Additionally, is there a suggestion on how to train a single dog when you have multiple dogs? Is it as simple as isolating the othes while you work with the one?

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