If you’ve got a crazed canine, Relax My Dog may just save your sanity

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There’s some of these on YouTube, and if the subscription one looks like the one in the image, that does NOT relax my dog. He goes ballistic over the sheep.


I’m confused, BB’sS…I though Doggie CBD was what you were shilling to calm down my pup?


Before you laugh, this is not some fly-by-night money grab.

But what is it after I laugh?


Why not both?

Ahahahaha, my one of my parents’ dogs jumps barking at the screen if even a cartoon animal appears. BBS, ffs. I’d say to just leave the radio on, but talk radio all day would be enough to drive anyone crazy.

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My rescue dog is on Trazadone and now plays with her toys. This is instead of sitting at the window barking and growling with her eyes rolling around. On medication she’s a smart dog that takes to training well. Off it she’s an anxious mess that barfs up her breakfast twice a week.


The Boing Boing Shop is really obnoxious those days.
Don’t you want to make a Patreon or something ?


My cable system has a channel like this for my wife. It’s like HSC or QVC, but when she tries to buy something, the call goes to a very polite staff member who takes all her info and does nothing.

It keeps her fully occupied, costs less than she would otherwise spend, and frees my Saturdays from packing up all the deliveries in the garage to return.

The only time it bit me was when she couldn’t seem to find the birthday present she ordered for me…


Actual separation anxiety is a bitch.

Weirdly, even though this is apparently backed by years of research, I couldn’t find a single reference in the veterinary literature… No peer reviewed journal mentions…

Distraction is a valid component of dealing with anxiety in dogs, but so is talking to your vet (preferably a veterinary behaviorist), trying their other training methods, and drugs as needed. Trying to fix the problem with a distracting TV show is likely only to work as a sole therapy in the most mild of anxiety cases.

I don’t know if this would work on my two rescue dogs. My dogs watch tv like it’s their job. They bark at anything with 4 legs, dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. They bark at animated animals even when they don’t look real and if they hear a dog bark they go crazy. They are complete idiots about it to the point I have to turn it off. On the positive side I have been reading more books. I swear they try to get me turn the videos when they are off. I could never leave them alone with it on when I’m gone because they would probably destroy the house trying to get to the video monitor. I believe they see the video monitor as another window in the house. They behave similarly to the way they react to seeing people walk dogs down the street.


And if that doesn’t work, send your “crazed canine” to The Dog Island™!

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So dubious.

U too have a doggo who just loves to converse animatedly with any animal who dares to wander across the TV.

I wonder what the research was, just some dude slumped on the couch flipping through the channels while a bunch of dogs wandered around barking randomly… surely not some kind of money grab, right?

Did Gueneth Paltrow buy a controlling share of the BB store? This reminds me of the time I saw a Copper curative bracelet stand at my pharmacist’s consultation counter. It brought up a whole bunch of questions and doubt.

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What do I do if my dog is never alone because I live on a boat and he is still a raving lunatic?

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So what you are trying to say is that a channel specifically for your dog costs more than a few streaming subscriptions for yourself?!? Even at half off!?!?!!?!

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Yes, a vet gave us meds for the dog. And as a distraction she is working on a set of daily commands and games to entertain her working-dog brain. TV has been useless, although the cat really took to the bird videos. The dog would rather watch real birds. (and bite possums)

What if the dog sees something on tv it don’t like and then lunges at the tv and smashes it then it’s just one bored dog again idk


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