Cannabis dispensary giving free CBD dog treats to reduce fireworks anxiety

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I’ve tried CBD for my dog…doesn’t do jack for her arthritis, pain, old age, or anxiety.




Is this safe? For dogs? Has research been done?

What experience do dogs have with this? (very hard to answer this, I know)


Yeah, I’d been wondering about this lately, with my dog freaking out from the constant fireworks, if it would be effective, as I saw someone making a claim. (The other problem is, even if it worked, I’d have to give it to him constantly, starting in early May and going through July, all day, every day. Because that’s when fireworks season starts around here.)


I had the same question. My ten seconds of googling couldn’t find a scientific paper, but it did lead me to the amusing fact that state medical marijuana laws don’t apply to animals. So while CBD is legal because it has no THC, your vet can’t open a dispensary to sell your dog a joint for his, um, “glaucoma.”

I hate to say it, but if there’s absolutely no alternative to medicating a dog in this situation, the old familiar sedatives are probably the safer bet. At least until there’s a lot more clinical consensus or years behind it. Dogs and humans just digest/metabolize things way too differently to assume it’ll be fine.

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Don’t do this.

We barely understand cannabis effects in humans (no, I am not saying it should be illegal, or it is unsafe for humans to consume in moderation, but we also have not spent a lot of time studying it), and plenty of things that humans can tolerate (e.g. chocolate, garlic) can be toxic and even fatal for animals. How their bodies and brains process these chemicals means that they may not have the same effect as in humans.

Don’t go giving poorly measured doses of unstudied drugs to your pet (or to other animals or other human beings without consent).


And the thing is…the bottles are super small and there is no “give them X amount”

I tried doing a couple drops directly on her tongue…she hates that.

Then tried some in her food, but its so little and if she doesn’t eat it all, well that’s pointless.

I tried using a small treat with drops on it…better delivery method, but doesn’t seem like there is any effect.

Now…the prescription based anxiety meds and pain kills the Vet gave us…those work really well actually! And my health insurance covers pet meds too. :slight_smile:

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I got some anti-anxiety pills from the vet once, but they just made him hyper (even in the absence of fireworks), not relaxed. And that was a few years ago, before fireworks were being set off continuously for 3 months in the spring/summer (and then again for the period of time between Western and Chinese new year).

At this point the only solutions seem to involve either building an anechoic chamber, or hunting down everyone setting off fireworks.


In addition to being poorly understood, CBD is unregulated. What people are giving their dogs may not contain CBD at all. Since it sounds like they’re making treats specifically for dogs, they’re probably avoiding ingredients that would actually make dogs sick, but anyone using these treats is putting blind faith in the dispensary or their supplier being honest and careful people.


The boy dog is a big dog but a sensitive dog. I can’t do much for thunder storms and fireworks other than shut the outside doors and leave the door to the linen closet ajar.

The linen closet became a bunker as the last time he clean cleared the horse fence and was found by kids the following morning shaken in the bushes behind the local school.

I too suffer from acute hearing and it’s a pain in the ass.


As a member of a multi-veterinarian family,

Please do not give pseudoscientific, unregulated, untested drugs to your animals.

I guarantee no vet wants you to give this “CBD” crap to them. If your dog has anxiety for any reason, fireworks or otherwise, there are lots of great safe and evidence-based medications they can provide.

I know that BoingBoing is pretty “yay” about all things pseuoscientific when it comes to food and medicine, but that’s your choice. Leave your unconsenting pets out of it.


“Labrador” blend:

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What if Cujo just couldn’t cope with the withdrawal symptoms?

This. So much. There’s no telling what the effects of giving cbd to dogs is. It’s a terrible idea. Go talk to you vet about how to manage anxiety in your dog instead. They’ll have advice, and evidence based tranquillisers for severe cases.

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