Get relief from pain and anxiety with these CBD chewables

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I’ve been tolerating the ads in your RSS feed for a long time, but jeez louise, shilling for scammy unregulated drugs? Get yourselves under control.

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“non-psychoactive compound” that provides relief from anxiety. I do not think that word means what you think it means.



These jellies were recently tested by Consumers Magazine and found to contain 1% CBD .


I’d like to purchase it from a trusted vendor such as a gas station or vape store

Well, at least BB store doesn’t sell crack pipes fake roses in glass tubes, or “bath salts”…


I’ll stick with what works for me, thanks:


Believe what you want. This helps with anxiety big time.You can find it in many head shops and some dispensaries. Your mileage may vary but it takes anxiety down from a level 9/10 to a 2 or 3. It doesn’t remove anxiety but make things a step or two back from freaking you out so much.

On the manufacturers website they have a store locator.

I’ll bet sugar pills would help too.

Not as much as you would think. This is some hippy dippy stuff that actually has some good benefits.

Certainly plausible. Do you know of any placebo controlled double blind studies that would elevate this from conjecture to proven claim, specifically about CBDs and anxiety?


I don’t know of a specific one but here are some studies

Yeah, no. Burden of proof is on the positive claimant. Not going to research your claim for you.

Not saying you are wrong, mind you, but that your claim, in this thread at least, is unproven.

Just in case you’re not aware, the FDA has sent out warning letters to companies doing exactly the same type of not legal marketing. CBD cannot be sold as a supplement. CBD is protected by patents and drug claims, if made, can only be made by that company (GW Pharma). You’re making drug claims. Don’t do that.

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The post seems to be trying to dodge around making concrete claims:

They cite “testimonials” and “possibilities” but the headline has no such coyness. So BB might want to update the headline and post with the Quack Miranda Warning that CBD isn’t evaluated or approved by the FDA to treat pain or anxiety. (But I’m not sure that will suffice since this is neither a food supplement nor a homeopathic remedy - both of which get wide (and often undeserved) leeway from the FDA. The post specifically calls the product a “medication.”)

Here’s a news report on the FDA and FTC joint action on CBD claims:

Oh, and “check your state laws regarding CBD before you buy” should include the converse “check your state laws regarding CBD before you sell”. Just ask Tommy Chong about the problems with selling over state lines.


“500 mg of CBD Gummies are now available for $29.99”

Yes, but how many are in a jar? A bottle claiming x mg or whatever refers to each individual pill or whatever.

Considering marijuana is currently schedule I it’s actually extremely regulated - probably too much so.

I don’t live in a legal state and wish I did. I don’t think it’s a miracle drug nor do I think it should be taken every day. But CBD is definitely healthier than Xanax or booze (and possibly, some off label use of SSRIs)

If anyone is wondering about legality, the statement from the FDA is no.

Because there’s an approved drug (Epidiolex) that is CBD, the FDA considers it a regulated drug, and thus there is no legal supplement or food stuff with CBD as an ingredient.

(if you don’t care about legality, then carry on…)


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