A dog who is the Houdini of all dogs makes daring stunt-escape from locked kitchen


Sure, but did the dog ‘escape’ into a much, much deadlier room - to get sliced and diced like Kazan Rennes in Cube?

Looks to me like the dog escaped into the space between the board and a window. I’m sure that worked out well.

I think that was just a kitchen pass through, so the dog likely escaped to the dining or living room.


Oh, derp. I was thinking that was an outside wall, but it’s another room.

Ah, but Kazan didn’t get sliced or diced :slight_smile:

it looks like they boarded up the window BECAUSE the dog had a history of breaking out when they were gone! the dog appears to have severe separation anxiety which is treatable but instead of getting help for the dog they just are attempting to stop the dog from getting out :frowning:

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D’oh! I blame the lack of drinking! Corrrected!

Stopping the dog from getting out and acting destructive as part of its anxious reaction is not mutually exclusive with trying to help it with the anxiety problem. You can’t live in the house until the dog is cured. It WILL have to be let alone at times.


This is why they sell dog carriers and cages. Granted, most of them are rubbish, but if you know what to look for you can get a sturdy, safe, secure little place to keep the animal while you are (unfortunately) forced to be elsewhere.

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sigh. actually part of the cure is not leaving the dog so that they can be cured. so this is not part of the ‘treatment’ of any separation anxiety… while some dogs can be left for short periods of time during treatment. this dog doesn’t appear to be one of them.

and dogs can break their teeth on crates trying to get out and dogs can die attempting to break out of crates. crates (for some dogs) are not safe either unfortunately…

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Dogs with such a heightened sense of separation anxiety may benefit with some medication. It isn’t meant to take the place of training and abandoning the dog all day or night but it has its place. Especially when a dog’s anxiety puts him/her in danger of injury or worse.

It looks like a semi-boarded up window over the sink and it looks very dark beyond it. Depressing.

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You’re not leaving the owner with many alternatives. Unless they are independently wealthy, they either crate the dog, leave the dog without the crate (as here), or find a new home for the dog (which usually means the shelter and death). What would you have them do at this point that is consistent with working for a living?

in our area, we work with clients and create options that are affordable. it takes a village and we try and supply it. you would be surprised by what a client is capable of doing if it means a higher success by it… I can’t speak for other areas of the us but in the bay area it is possible… people take their dogs to work, there are dog walkers that keep the dog all day, etc… it makes prognosis higher if the client doesn’t leave the dog. and yes, medications can help too alongside behavior modification.

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How about not allowing humans to abuse animals like this.


That goes without saying.

Maybe a couple of cats would be a better option for people who don’t have the time to invest in what it takes to raise a happy and healthy dog.

MFW he almost breaks his neck the first time he slips


It is normally possible to raise a happy and healthy dog without staying home all day every day. Behavioral issues as this one has often don’t manifest until after you’ve adopted the dog, and cats can experience separation anxiety as well. In any event, absent time travel it is not useful advice for this dog’s owner.

From the video it sounds like the owner had consulted a professional trainer, and barricading the dog in this room was the trainer’s advice. After making and viewing this video, he decided to give the dog full run of the house.