Watch a dog fall from 2nd-floor window, nearly get hit by a car, and then walk it off like a champ

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Dang, I crapped my fur, for him.


what were those people doing? it’s like they were inviting the dog to jump but then they cleared a spot for it to slam into the concrete, then they chase the dog into the street while screaming?

The only bigger mystery is what the dog was thinking. A whole lot of wtff here


It looks to me like the guy with the mask on broke his fall just a little.


Yeah, looks like he gets an arm under the dog enough to soften the landing. Maybe the dog was too enthusiastic about something in the street and found himself hanging halfway out the window.


Exactly! The video ended before my suspicions could be confirmed…


A fall like that would wind any regular dog but this pup was just a little husky.


Meanwhile in Russia

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Just to be clear, that dog was not okay. He was limping badly and may have a broken hip or other serious injury. This is not a charming feel-good animal video.

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To me, it sure looks like one of the people on the ground tried to break his fall.

And my guess is also that dog is injured.

This guy was with us for 18 years and has been gone for many years. When he was a puppy we would leave him home but we would leave the second story balcony doorwall cracked a little for fresh air. We came home one day and found him limping around the yard and couldn’t figure out how he got out. He nudged the door open, pushed out the screen and jumped off the balcony. I don’t know the proper bone name but he broke one of his fingers. He never did get any smarter.

He was limping but he was a very happy puppy, in other words, dogs don’t show pain until it’s too late, that dog needs an exam.


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I owned a husky, and can say 100% that my dog would have done the same damn thing if given the chance (stupid furry idiot…).

I love these movies SO MUCH. :smile: :heart:

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Yeah, not gonna watch this video for that very reason.

It must have been a pack of huskies judging by the number of times I just saw a dog jump from a window.

(11 times? Ye gods! Enough, already. And I only stayed to count after I realised that I’d seen it all but only 10% of the video had played.)

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