Owner of a French Bulldog couldn't figure out how his dog was escaping the kitchen, so he set up a camera


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Well, yes. Frog DNA.




And the other one is all “YOU’RE GONNA BE IN HECKERS, DUDE! WAIT TILL MOM COMES HOME! … damn, how did he do that?”


What’s the point of owning a dog if you’re just going to stick it in the kitchen? :unamused::thinking:


People who buy French Bulldogs with all their health problems aren’t exactly the best animal friends.


Yeah it’s definitely a training issue with the owners, not the dog. The dogs my family had in the past when growing up the dogs were unsupervised for part of the day, you do get some messes when the dogs are young but as long as you keep reinforcing good behavior you should be able to trust the pups to have the run of the house.


Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog…


Little guy just needs a Ninjato strapped to his back and he would be full on Shinobi!


When the young woman in the apartment next door brought home a frenchie puppy, I was totally dismissive (in private, to my husband) about how irresponsible it is to promote such unhealthy breeds. But then I met the pupper and she is THE BEST DOG EVER. Seriously, she has the best personality of any dog I’ve ever known: happy, enthusiastic, well-trained, intelligent. Don’t get me wrong - I would never buy that breed (or anything other than a rescue dog, for that matter), but I still love that damn baby!




About 40 seconds in:

Speed of lightning, roar of thunder!
Fighting all who rob or plunder!



That’s no dog. Has anybody seen its birth certificate?


I agree, they are nice dogs. It’s not their fault sick humans have bred them in an attempt to give them human faces instead of a proper nose.


this would seriously be me: all enthusiasm, zero ability or skill.

also, speaking as a cat owner, that dog is mind-blowing.


White bulldogs can’t jump.


Parkour !


I’m not sure where it says that this dog isn’t a rescue? I don’t disagree with your principles, just want to avoid condemning this particular owner without more info.


FWIW, all dogs, no exception, should be crated when left alone inside. The dogs are fine with it - they view their crates as their own personal cave. Make sure there’s water available, comfy blanket or two, and maybe some favorite toys.