Watch amusing way dog ditches her needy pups when she has to pee (video)

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Man, I dunno if I’d let all those puppies into my house with out putting them in one specific room that could be cleaned from their constant peeing and pooping.


You can’t hous train puppies without taking some risks (in the end we lost the carpet, and foster failed two puppies, the rest were adopted the same day the shelter took them back)


I’d obviously prefer to design around the issue; but pending the availability of carpets with heart-stealing puppy eyes, adorable super-silky ears; and the ability to react endearingly to whatever it is they are dreaming about, my carpet can get sacrificed if that’s what the dog larvae require.

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Yeah, we had puppies twice as a kid, but they were outside and in a large kennel area my dad made.

I have a friend who breeds labor-doodles, and they are basically restricted to a room that they can mop up easy.

I guess if you aren’t set up for it, yeah, the carpet is going to be sacrificed.

Cute puppies!

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Our set up was two wading pools with a temporary dog fence around the inside, one the puppies got to spend any unsupervised time in, and after an extended stay all puppies would be cleaned one by one and transferred to the other “pool”, then the first pool could be cleaned and new water and food could be put down and puppies could be transferred back. Then they got to spend supervised time in the living room at large. Which resulted in the slow destruction of that carpet & the underlay, but not the wooden floor.

Apparently it is far more common for fosters of new puppies not to try to house train them, which I admit makes a great deal of sense as trying to track seven little squirming microdogs as they zip around the room after each other, or the three older dogs, or toys, or my feet was exhausting. A delightful sort of exhausting, but definitely exhausting. One of the puppies that I was full on in love with was also so hyper that I didn’t dare foster fail for her. I don’t think she ever walked anywhere, she was either running, or jumping. She was also the first puppy to discover they could “climb” the cat tree. I have pictures of other puppies doing it because they would go part way up and then loose their nerve, but Daisy would parkour up the cat tree, and leap off it without ever slowing down. I saw her a few times after she was adopted, she had calmed down only very slightly. Her new family started out by apologizing when she jumped onto me (as in from floor level into my arms), so I got to tell them I was her former foster & learned her new name (which I promptly forgot, oops!).


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